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  • Conrad
    Ask The Expert - How do you discover what site visitors think, feel, want and need?
    We asked Door4 Optimisation Consultant, Conrad Grimshaw... How do you discover what website visitors think, feel, want and need?
    Find out more about this
  • Decoding Digital: Rob Hallam
    Rob Hallam: Never lose sight of your audience | Ahead of his talk for Door4’s Decoding Digital, we caught up with Bigtank’s MD
  • Decoding Digital: Chloe Sinclair
    Chloe Sinclair: The importance of testing | Ahead of her talk for Door4’s Decoding Digital, we caught up with UserZoom’s remote user experience testing specialist.
  • Decoding Digital: Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson: Using data to improve rather than prove performance | Ahead of his talk for Door4’s Decoding Digital, we caught up with Brainlabs Digital’s data strategist.
  • Enhancing functionality without busting the budget
    Each time you make a subjective assumption of what will enhance your conversions, you risk derailing progress and losing money. UX testing is the only way to safeguard capital investment on website development - and it gets better results.
  • The influence of your website aesthetic on customer behaviour
    Your customers want information fast. If the design of your website is confusing, they’ll go somewhere else. Creating instant clarity supports the human preference for instinctive decision-making and makes the sale.
  • Copywriting and the buyer journey
    The human brain is impulsive and favours speedy decisions, but it’s also highly emotional and loves a good story. Identifying the right words means tapping into the driving motivations at each point in their journey.
  • Creating structure and hierarchy that drives sales
    Structure and hierarchy drive the buyer journey from awareness to conversion. The human brain wants a fast experience, or one that feels fast. If the look and feel of your website is getting in their way, they’ll bounce somewhere else to spend their money.
  • The way people think, and how this affects your bottom line
    User experience (UX) works rationally with theories of consumer psychology to optimise buyer journeys. Interesting, when you consider customers make purchasing decisions using ‘the emotional brain’.
  • Mug shot - Lisa Appleby: Optimisation Consultant
    The Door4 Mug shot interviews - as much as you can find out about Lisa in the time it takes to drink a brew.
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