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Performance Round-Up – May 2023

What does a Performance Marketing Agency get up to day-to-day? Well, let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening at Door4 recently:

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

Diving right in we’re starting with one of our lead-generation clients that operates nationwide. We’ve been really pleased to see positive paid search and paid social results as usual, in particular for May we exceeded the enquiry target by 25% for paid search (whilst coming in under budget too!).

After analysing the month-on-month results, we’ve brought in more enquiries on a lower spend than the previous month, which speaks to the continuing improvements we’ve been making in terms of the quality of lead we’re bringing in. May saw the best cost per enquiry we’ve seen since November 2022 and, as it stands, the lowest CPE in general on Paid Search since 2021

Moving on to a new lead-generation client in the automotive industry – The Door4 acquisition team have been hard at work setting up campaigns that have already created huge impact within the business. Results were so good in month 1 that we were able to increase spend. That increase in spend not only led to a 185% increase in enquiries, but we brought the CPA down by a whopping 33.01%.
The growth potential of this client is exciting, so check back in the coming months to see how we get on!

“Paid Search has generated more leads in the past two months than Direct and Organic have achieved in the past 12 months!”

Our CRO team have also been busy recently, with significant testing that has resulted in great results for one of our home & garden clients. By improving the multi-step form on their enquiry page, we have encouraged the commitment effect in users and increased the likelihood of a home visit request.
After a couple of different tests, our results showed Version 1 as the winner with an incredible 84% improvement in conversion rate and a 95% probability to beat the Control version. 

Another of our home & garden clients also made use of the power of Conversion Rate Optimisation last month, with a banner design test that led to more users requesting samples. The winning version had a +37% improvement in request conversion rate and a 98% probability to beat Control. 

Our aesthetic improvements to the banner across the site made the CTA more noticeable, if customers are unsure about the product suitability for their needs, they now have greater clarity that it is possible to order more samples, increasing the commitment effect, resulting in capturing their data for remarketing and potential likelihood of a sale.

CRO results like the above speak volumes to the power of constantly analysing and improving your website – test, test and then test some more!

And that’s a wrap! May was another busy month for our team with lots going on that we’ll share in future posts. A huge congratulations to everyone involved!

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