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Ask The Expert – Should I use AI to write content on my website? 

Tom Morton

Should I use AI to write content on my website?

In this industry you might hear “it depends” quite a lot… but in this case, it really does. I’ve seen people have short-term success with tools like chat gpt, but I predict that they’ll probably have long-term losses as we saw with the Panda update, which gets rid of low-quality content. If it’s using something to streamline the process, for example, writing meta descriptions I’d generally recommend it. 

In terms of content, it can be quite difficult. AI is only as good as the information that you give it, so for example, if I wanted an article on the history of Land Rover, statistically someone else could actually ask for the same request in something like chat gpt and get similar if not identical results. That’s generally because the tool uses articles, Wikipedia, etc, it’ll use the same sources every time, and that’s going to create a lot of SEO problems down the line. 

I would use it as a research tool if you want to streamline that process instead and definitely recommend it in that sense, however, I definitely would not just cut and paste a blog article made by chat gpt

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