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Door4 leadership & team.

We’re not going to deep-dive into confessions like “I sing in a punk band at the weekends” or “I write Harry Potter fanfiction” or even “I spend time on Flight Simulator but it’s not a game”.

But it’s only right you should know more about who you’ll be working with. We’ll keep it work-related for now. You can quiz us on how much of the above is true another time.

Sean Dwyer, Managing Director

Sean joined Door4 in 2017 from Carat Manchester, where he was an associate director. A data obsessive at heart, he’s responsible for pushing through organisational and procedural clarity. In an agency? You’d better believe it.

What Door4 means to me

“For me, our approach to teamwork is what makes us special. Pitching creative and ambitious ideas – then finding a way, together, that we can make them work. Striving constantly and consistently to have an impact.

“Mucking in, doing what it takes to get the results. Our competitive natures and our high standards of quality. Everyone pulling in the same direction. Trusting each other. Holding each other accountable so we can reach higher and further, higher and further.

Leon Calverley, Founder and Director

Leon founded Door4 in 2000 while he was still working as a service manager at Time Computers in Lancashire. What started as a fascination with the potential applications of digital technology, he’s turned into a business that has thrived for more than two decades.

What Door4 means to me

“I love working with people and I love working with digital technology, so if I wasn’t at the helm of Door4, I’d probably be working for a tech company in Manchester or London.

“I’m particularly proud of the people we’ve had in our team over the last two decades. There’s a core group of people who’ve been here for years and grown with the business.

“Then there are people who stay for a while and move on – and they’ve gone on to prestigious companies, which shows the calibre of talent we cultivate here.”

Michael Brennan, Account Director

Michael joined Door4 in 2016 after cutting his teeth as a marketing manager in the private sector. He sees things from all sides and has a reputation for staying ice cool under pressure.

What Door4 means to me

“We’re committed to getting great results for our clients, which is the most satisfying part of working at Door4.

“I personally enjoy working with our commerce and lead generation focused clients, as it’s clear the see the impact of our work on business performance.”

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Door4 comprises an Acquisition Team, Conversion Team, the Web Development Team, Client Services and the Project Management team – a typical agency structure.

It looks like your typical digital agency too. We work in a large open-plan studio in a landmark building that has a rich heritage, lots of bare stone and beams, plus several tons of 19th century industrial metal.

In practice, everyone works together. We have allocated desks and plenty of space for hot-desking with different teams and breakout areas.

It’s not unusual for the kitchen to be stuffed with people who have gathered to trouble-shoot a problem while making a brew; if you ask them who called the meeting, they’re never sure how they got there but felt a mysterious calling…

We put it down to the preternatural connections that teams develop over time. Or a synchronous need for caffeine.

What’s different about Door4?

What feels less typical about Door4 – the thing that makes us stand out from other agencies – is the relationship. Or, rather, the relationships.

From the welcome to your ongoing monthly meetings and everything in between, it’s very clear we consider ourselves as a team within your business.

We integrate. We care. We go above and beyond. We’re genuinely invested in your success – after all, it’s our success too.

Our team is diverse and multi-skilled. We recruit for skill, but we also recruit for a good fit to the team. We aim to bring out the best in each other – competitive, encouraging, challenging, with the aim of improving all the time – for us and for our clients.

Client Services

All our clients have a dedicated account manager, with larger clients having the benefit of a secondary account manager for additional support. Taking full ownership, they liaise between you and the rest of Door4, though it’s also in our culture to give you direct contact with consultants and specialists too.

Acquisition and Conversion Teams

These are the creative problem-solvers and data nerds of our digital agency. They are our organic search (SEO) consultants, writers, strategists, brand guardians, Conversion Rate Optimisation consultants and Paid Media-Shopping-PPC-Paid Social alchemists.

Web Developer Team

As a web development agency, we’re naturally agnostic when it comes to platforms. Our developers know WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento 2 and Drupal inside out and can code robust bespoke platforms where something specific is required.

Project Managers

These gatekeepers of resources and scheduling are an iron fist in a velvet glove. Working with performance, web development and account managers, they do everything in their power to make sure projects stay on track and are delivered in full, on time.

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