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About us

Door4 leadership & team.

We’re not going to deep-dive into confessions like “I sing in a punk band at the weekends” or “I write Harry Potter fanfiction” or even “I spend time on Flight Simulator but it’s not a game”.

But it’s only right you should know more about who you’ll be working with. We’ll keep it work-related for now. You can quiz us on how much of the above is true another time.

  • Sean Dwyer. Working on laptop
    Sean Dwyer
    Managing Director, Door4

    Sean joined Door4 in 2017, from a background in big brand media and performance. A data obsessive at heart, he’s responsible for pushing through organisational and procedural clarity. In an agency? You’d better believe it.

  • Leon Calverley
    Founder, Door4

    Leon founded Door4 way back in 2000. As a creative technologist, he leads agency strategy with the board, and hosts Door4 regional events.

  • Beth Moore head of client services
    Beth Moore
    Head of Client Services

    Beth has worked in senior client services roles for more than a decade.
    She works alongside founder Leon Calverley and Managing Director Sean Dwyer to support Door4’s client growth and retention strategy.

  • Tom Morton
    Head of Activation

    Tom has worked in digital for over 10 years with a focus on PPC and Search and devising online growth strategies for startups all the way up to international brands, and is currently leading the Acquisitions team at Door4. Committed to data-driven continual client growth at scale.

  • Holly Neal
    Performance Strategist

    Holly's role is largely market-oriented, working across our acquisition and conversion teams.
    Holly is responsible for using research and insights to drive marketing strategy, with the aim of maximising impact for our clients.

  • Phil McDowell
    Account Manager

    Phil is our dedicated account manager, who takes full ownership of our larger clients, having the benefit of a secondary account executive for additional support.
    Phil liaises between you and the rest of Door4, providing direct contact with consultants and specialists to help you get the most out of our services.

  • Dan Beckett
    Head of Development

    As a web development agency, we're naturally agnostic when it comes to platforms. Dan knows WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento 2, and Drupal inside out and can code robust bespoke platforms where something specific is required.

  • William Sharp
    Account Manager

    William acts as the filter between clients and the operational side of the business, managing requests to ensure they're briefed correctly to the right team
    A large part of this is working to understand the clients business and challenges. Distilling this information and collaborating with our teams strategically to present opportunities for clients to continue growing.

  • Keeley Davies PPC Lead at Door4
    Keeley Davies
    Paid Media Lead

    Keeley joined us in 2019 as a marketing executive and quickly worked her way up the ranks as she gained invaluable experience and knowledge. Today she manages the paid media team and works closely with many of our clients.

  • Jack Holden
    Senior Paid Media Executive

    When not advertising, Jack develops research-driven marketing plans for clients, including market segmentation and media planning.

  • Amy Parker
    Account Manager

    Amy mostly manages many, if not all of our web development projects. She liaises between you and the rest of Door4, providing direct contact with the web development team and any specialists to help you get the most out of our services.

  • Darren Taylor
    UX Lead

    Darren is our UX Lead and the creative visionary behind many a client website transformation. He analyses user journeys and turns them into friction-free, highly polished designs for clients of all shapes and sizes.


Door4 comprises an Acquisition Team, Conversion Team, the Web Development Team, Client Services and the Project Management team – a typical agency structure.

In practice, everyone works together. We have a “work together” policy (we operate a hybrid approach – but prefer to be together more than we’re apart.)  We also ensure plenty of space for hot-desking with different teams and breakout areas.

It’s not unusual for the kitchen to be stuffed with people who have gathered to trouble-shoot a problem while making a brew; if you ask them who called the meeting, they’re never sure how they got there but felt a mysterious calling…

We put it down to the preternatural connections that teams develop over time. Or a synchronous need for cake/caffeine (delete as appropriate).

What’s different about Door4?

What feels less typical about Door4 – the thing that makes us stand out from other agencies – is the relationship. Or, rather, the relationships.

From the welcome to your ongoing monthly meetings and everything in between, it’s very clear we consider ourselves as a team within your business.

We integrate. We care. We go above and beyond. We’re genuinely invested in your success – after all, it’s our success too.

Our team is diverse and multi-skilled. We recruit for skill, but we also recruit for a good fit to the team. We aim to bring out the best in each other – competitive, encouraging, challenging, with the aim of improving all the time – for us and for our clients.

Think you’ll fit in?
Interested in joining one of our teams as a colleague?
  • All our clients have a dedicated account manager, with larger clients having the benefit of a secondary account manager for additional support. Taking full ownership, they liaise between you and the rest of Door4, though it’s also in our culture to give you direct contact with consultants and specialists too.

  • These are the creative problem-solvers and data nerds of our digital agency. They are our organic search (SEO) consultants, writers, strategists, brand guardians, Conversion Rate Optimisation consultants and Paid Media-Shopping-PPC-Paid Social alchemists.

  • As a web development agency, we’re naturally agnostic when it comes to platforms. Our developers know WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento 2 and Drupal inside out and can code robust bespoke platforms where something specific is required.

  • These gatekeepers of resources and scheduling are an iron fist in a velvet glove. Working with performance, web development and account managers, they do everything in their power to make sure projects stay on track and are delivered in full, on time.

Join a team focused on results

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