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About us

Door4’s history.

From small beginnings building websites for local businesses in Lancashire, to a revenue optimisation partner that creates impact for organisations worldwide.

Early years

Late last century, a young Mr Calverley was a service manager for Time Computers by day, yet spent his nights exploring the potentials of digital technology. One of his friends, a graphic designer, suggested they form a partnership and Leon built his first website.

By 2002, he knew he wanted to take the business of digital seriously. He bought out his share of the partnership and set up shop in Nelson with a growth plan. He was still exploring the technology and innovating his own ideas, as well as learning on the job. Web 2.0, after all, was still new.

By 2005, Leon had built a small team, who were still delivering websites for local businesses. Darren, now our UX Designer, joined in 2007, and Door4 moved to larger premises to accommodate a much larger team that was now serving SMEs across East Lancashire.

Big breaks

Door4 continued to thrive for the next few years and achieved several large national and international pitches for websites for the private and public sectors. This, and a clutch of competitive award nominations and wins, opened Leon’s eyes to what the company could become and how the agency fitted into a sector that was maturing.

The next few years were spent building a strong team, still founded in web design but beginning to focus on performance marketing too. And from 2017, Leon really focused on learning on how to build the business, rather than work within it.

Present day: a mature agency for a mature sector

Immersing himself in business development helped Leon and the senior management team refocus the agency’s proposition from web projects to performance marketing.

We were keen to form strong partnerships with clients in the long term – not simply fulfil a web project and move on. We wanted to specialise and capitalise on our true skills, something that would undoubtedly benefit clients.

Door4 began hiring talent to fulfil this objective. We started winning bigger pitches for national and global businesses – not only to build great web platforms but to help clients reach more potential customers, convert them, and scale the business to its full potential, in line with our REACH, CONVERT & SCALE framework.

We really put our money where our mouth was: this approach meant turning down work, sometimes, if we felt a project wasn’t aligned to what Door4 was evolving into. But it also meant we won clients that really understood what we were going to do for them.

It has led to closer working partnerships and better client results. And it has led to a stronger, more robust agency that continues to work with clients year upon year.

The future of Door4

Now we’re clear about what we’re good at, the future is clear too. We’re growing and we’re stronger than we’ve ever been.

We’re hiring for skills, team fit, and attitude. We’re investing in infrastructure and training. We’re spending our time – and our client’s money – doing what we’re good at.

Digital is a competitive sector. It’s not yet quite specialised and focused, or producing excellence across the board in the way we’d like to see, but it’s growing quickly and it’s noisy.

Amid the noise, we’ve found our contemplative silence, thanks to the clarity of our proposition and our vision of what we want to be.

Which is, if you’re still reading, to be The Most Sought-After Digital Agency For Revenue Growth.

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