Digital with purpose

We make good things happen

A digital technology studio, at the intersection of technology, marketing and customer experience. We make digital services, websites & apps.

Lifecycle marketing

​Acquire, convert, understand

A modern digital marketing operation, a Google Partner with a comprehensive skillset. We have expertise in paid media, organic and relationship marketing.

A trusted partner

Collaboration at our core

We play nicely with others. Our goal is to create and capture value for everybody we work with. We build, lead and fit into multi-disciplinary teams.

Digital with purpose

Partner, not supplier

We work with intelligent businesses, who value and invest in digital for growth. We work directly with clients, and as part of collaborative multi-agency teams to achieve optimal client outcomes. We operate offices in Lancashire and Manchester. We are strategists, designers, developers, promoters. We're thinkers AND doers - bursting with ideas, and the energy to bring them to life.

Partnerships for growth

We work alongside PLCs, not-for-profits, NGOs, corporations, funded start-ups and local authorities. Each of our clients share a trait; they want maximise the impact of digital technology.

Magnet Trade

​Driving the omni-channel agenda for the UK's most valued kitchen brand



Helping the smooth rollout of the 4G mobile network across the UK ​



Record breaking growth 2 years in a row by improving online experience​



Full service digital marketing for one of the UK's fastest growing FinTech brands



Creating a digital service to streamline operations and enhance market position​



Starting a cordless revolution in garden power across Europe​


We define and iterate digital strategy, to ensure we are solving the correct problem


We design and craft premium digital experiences, for website, applications and e-commerce


We employ leading-edge technologies to create modern services that solve business problems


We complete your marketing mix, with acquisition, engagement and permission marketing programs

Questions? We have answers.

Finding the right fit for a digital partner is paramount. We've collated a few of the common questions, to help you to make your decision.

​What is Door4?

We're a Northern digital technology studio. We create digital experiences - such as websites and applications. We provide a complete digital marketing service to ambitious businesses. We use an agile approach to implement and integrate software services.

​What type of clients do you work with?

Our clients span many sectors, and are usually mature businesses with clear technical or marketing requirements. We also work closely with consulting/marketing/PR firms who require a reliable digital specialist to deliver a rounded service or transformation to their own clients.

​I’m starting a business, can you help me?

In truth, we’re not the best port of call for most embryonic start-ups. We are best matched to mature organisations with clear requirements and appropriate budgets.

​Do you do SEO and PPC?

Yes, that is a significant portion of our offer. We are accredited Google Partners, so you can trust us to deliver a reliable, competitive service.

​How big are you? How long have you been going?

We are 18 strong, so ‘small enough to care’, ‘big enough to cope’ as our plumber says on his van. But seriously, we are capable of working on most briefs. We were formed in 2000, so we’ve progressed and evolved, along with our industry.

​How much does a website/app/campaign cost?

Wrong question, sorry - let’s work on that. What do you want to accomplish? What media and content is required? What technologies are necessary? What is the actual budget? We’ll ask why 5 times, to ensure the project is viable and will deliver value.

​What is ‘digital with purpose’?

It’s our binding philosophy, and encapsulation of our spirit. Everything we do has a purpose. We don’t like pointless exercises, even if we are being paid to complete them.