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Incredible growth for cross-territory, multiple language e-commerce site

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Door4 really understands the demands of marketing to multiple territories, and the challenges our brand needs to meet head-on if we’re going to achieve sales targets. We now have control over each territory’s content in a way we’ve not had before and this, along with the digital marketing strategy, has allowed us to drive growth very effectively.
Steve Roskell
Marketing Director EMEA


17 websites in 8 languages

EGO Power+ wanted to provide customers across all existing territories – and new ones – with a much better user experience. To handle multiple languages in multiple territories, we built a single codebase that has, so far, launched websites in 17 territories and eight languages. This powerful web development is cost-effective to recreate for launching the brand into new markets. It has been an essential component to EGO’s success, supporting strategic investment into its cross-channel marketing strategy and driving growth across multiple markets.

EGO Mockup

Client objectives

Global garden tool innovator EGO Power+ is part of Chervon, which sells in 65 countries worldwide via a network of dealers. In 2016 we began managing EGO’s EMEA multi-channel paid digital advertising, including display and remarketing. On the back of our performance, and as experienced web developers for e-commerce, we were commissioned to design and build a new platform that had commercial oomph – even though transactions take place on dealer sites.

EGO’s objective was to showcase the quality and benefits of its high-end products and compelling ‘green’ credentials. EGO wanted to raise awareness of its brand to EMEA audiences by telling its story more effectively, plus to improve customers’ brand experience and conversions.

Our solution


On our recommendation, EGO chose Drupal as a web platform. This allowed us to create a multisite setup with a single shared code base. And it allowed EGO to meet audience needs in each territory by controlling site content independently. Using Drupal, EGO will also find it efficient to develop, evolve, manage and fix, and cost-effective to add more territory sites when required.

We created the wireframes and worked with Refinery to create a new look and feel for the website, which enhanced EGO as a quality product and its important brand story. Websites in six territories (five languages) went live in 2017 and five more in 2018 (two of them multilingual sites). By spring 2019, we had launched 17 websites in eight languages.

Client outcomes & beyond

The single codebase approach has provided a solid foundation for EGO. While we haven’t built e-commerce sites – they hand over to their resellers for the actual transactions – they line visitors up for a sales conversion. Working in tandem with EGO’s strategic marketing campaigns – read our digital marketing case study – the platform has undoubtedly made a huge improvement to EGO’s sales across EMEA.

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