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Door4 has been key in helping us deliver support to the at800 programme, from the delivery of the first website to the ongoing testing and optimisation. Their testing and analysis of data has led to page layout changes which in turn has shown to be very effective in engaging with at800’s audience.
Joe Sharp
Marketing Director - September event


DMSL is responsible for making sure Freeview audiences can continue to receive an uninterrupted TV signal in the event a 4G masts causes interference when switched on in their area. Its website aims to empower people to diagnose their viewing problem and, if necessary, request engineer help. In other words, the site aims to give them the information they need as quickly as possible.

We have a commercially minded SEO team focused on action. We use KPIs, content hierarchy and user experience

Our solution

Within three weeks of winning the competitive pitch, we‘d launched a temporary website. Once the full branding was in place, we created how at800’s digital presence would look and feel. Six weeks later we launched the full site.

at800 Dev Mobile

Accessibility is an essential design feature – the technical subject matter has the potential to be confusing, and it is likely users will include people who are not technically or digitally-minded. On a white background with an easy-to-read font, intuitive iconography and recognisable menus and buttons, the site is uncomplicated and reassuring. We’ve continued to make improvements to accessibility based on evidence from user testing.

Visitors can find out quickly what they need to know and do next. The video, which we commissioned, is an engaging and accessible way to inform users what support at800 can provide. Our diagnostic tool helps them work out if an interference problem might be caused by 4G.

Love the simplicity, clarity and ease of use. One of the best sites I’ve used, plus there is a vast amount of detailed info. Couldn’t be clearer if you tried

user feedback

Client outcomes & beyond

The web development meets DMSL’s objectives by presenting clear information and user-friendly diagnostic tools, tested and optimised for accessibility and performance. While our detailed scoping of the site was good, no website is perfect. The real heroes of this story are user (UX) testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Since the website’s launch, we’ve continued to iterate improvements with the aim of maximising audience engagement. Our approach is to make evidence-based improvements by monitoring, measuring, testing, and analysing with the aim of hitting the right improvements on the first attempt.

Use of testing and data in this way supports DMSL’s reporting. Accountable directly to the government, DMSL is an organisation that appreciates how data can be used to evidence its decisions. You can discover more about this process of testing and improve in our breakout case study on at800’s UX testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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