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From zero SEO to trouncing the competition in six months

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While it’s an innovating manufacturer with a global foothold, this company’s organic presence was not an accurate reflection of the size and influence of its brand in the marketplace. This B2C client had never invested in organic search performance. Once they understood why it was critical, we implemented a strategic performance plan that incorporated technical SEO, content SEO and UX. They experienced an uplift in month three and by month six, they had overtaken one of their core competitors for keyword visibility.

Client objectives

This B2C client had never done SEO though it is very active with Paid Search and PR and has an otherwise comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. To help them understand the potential of an SEO strategy, we completed a thorough technical and content audit that included competitor data. The data and analysis were very compelling. When they saw the realities of their performance against competitors, and how we proposed to fix it, they signed up.

Our solution

Technical SEO is about good housekeeping and all websites need a strategy that continuously fixes issues and polishes the silver. This client’s websites are mature, well-built, and stylish, but they were missing key elements and search engines are marking them down. We flagged missing title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, and site speed as needing attention.

Owing to the nature of the platform (being cross-territory with a high volume of content) other technical issues had built over time affected quality scores and user experience. Continuous housekeeping normally keeps these in check.

From all this data, we put together a strategic calendar of fixes, starting with those that have the most impact for an immediate lift.

From a keyword perspective, the data was astonishing. Our research showed the size of the client’s keyword universe – what they are ranking for – in comparison to the keywords their competitors are doing well with. The lack of SEO-optimised content and shallow structure meant they had 1/10 of the keywords of competitors they were trying to compete with, so we put an ambitious – but achievable – content strategy together that included essential foundational content (for an E-A-T boost) and keyword targeting.

These ideas worked in tandem with UX design. The UX portion of the audit analysed how buyer journeys could be improved to engage visitors and drive conversions, especially returning customers who had an idea of what they wanted. The data and an experienced eye showed us where the site needed development to accommodate these user journeys and deeper content.

Client outcomes & beyond

It’s normal to see positive results of an SEO strategy within six months – usually sooner, in fact, but with so many external factors out of our control, we’ve learned to be patient. This client saw an uplift within three.

Remember the competitor they were aiming to challenge? Our organic search results overtook them for the key territory within this period and are continuing to maintain their presence. Sessions increased by +92% YoY and conversions by +88% YoY.

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