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User research, analysis and planning.

Insights we gather on your target demographic using scientific methodology leads to the creation of a deeper level of engagement with your brand.

What we see

Understanding user behaviours, needs and expectations is the key to converting them into customers. Without definitive proof, demographic information is open to interpretation and assumption. A scientific, data-led approach is the best way to ensure you’ve got the user journey right. Scientific methodology encourages a deeper level of engagement with your digital product or service. So, the good news is that this approach will also help you keep on delivering the goods as your customers’ expectations evolve, as they always do.

What we do

Our objective is to present accurate data that can be used to improve your bottom line. We collect and analyse customer data using a range of analytical  tools and processes. This includes quantitative analysis,  qualitative analysis and heuristic evaluations . This bedrock of research supports and feeds into Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO ) for controlled testing on real people – your website visitors – and provides insight that allows you to plan and implement changes that definitively improve your conversions.

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Knowledge is power – and profit

Our platform data analysis identifies opportunities for improvement, while the detailed UX website audit highlights user pain-points that have a negative impact on your objectives. On-page observation further allows us to report on how users REALLY interact with your website! This is followed by running controlled tests with real people, providing in-depth insights about their experience. Our findings might prove the business case for a new web build, or the need for a strategy for an existing platform. For the latter, we plan a schedule of tests and make improvements to the website based on the resulting data. This process is known as CRO Marketing, or Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Collaborative working

We’ll work with you to match your knowledge of your customers to hard data about their behaviours and requirements. We’ll report back on our findings on substantially sound data that proves which changes need to be made and how. Monthly reporting includes critical insights and our regular scheduled calls and meetings keep you updated and informed.

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We pride ourselves on high levels of service with good communication and complete transparency – see our service agreement.

We definitely needed a more sophisticated website to remain competitive, but we had no idea it would take off so dramatically. The numbers speak for themselves - our customers are delighted. It’s not just the online side of our business that has benefited, either. Door4 have provided us with a sales tool and an efficient admin area, which has brought us greater efficiency. They have been great to work with, helping us explore and define exactly what we needed, and continuing to support us as we grow.
Charles Driver
Additional Conversion Services
Increase profits with data-led strategies that respond to your target audience’s needs and build a loyal customer base.

Our marketing strategies respond to customers’ needs by optimising your website to perform at its best, led by the data. We measure success through conversion rates, average order values, repeat customer rates, and lifetime order values.