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Evolution Solutions

We reduced the overall cost per lead of installation bookings retaining high lead quality

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    Reduced Cost Per Lead
“The consistency over time, with the big spikes and drops levelling out is something I’m extremely happy about. Previously, my client had good CPL on the weekdays and it shot up over the weekends, which always made the overall figure jump up by the end of the month and average out worse than I'd like. Now it’s not just lower, it’s CONSISTENTLY lower, which I love to see.”
William Sharp
Junior Account Manager


At Door4, we thrive to work with clients who show a great commitment to ambition, which helps to drive success. Our client, Evolution Solutions, mentioned that they were determined to become our biggest client through our work together. We delivered a proactive performance partnership with Evolution Solutions that scaled the current operation, whilst finding short-term efficiencies. Both ourselves and the client wanted to match as the Paid Search provider and suggest that Evolution Solutions are the perfect kind of growth client on our side of the relationship as well. In just 100 days, Door4 has managed to substantially reduce the overall cost per lead of installation bookings.

The key objective for Evolution Solutions was to drive increased levels of leads, reduction of CPL, and the ability to scale the above up quickly and efficiently.

Client objectives

Door4’s main objective was to substantially reduce the overall cost per lead of installation bookings while retaining a good quality of lead coming into the business. Our initial target for the client was to bring the cost per lead down to under £10 across a consistent period of time, which we’ve achieved far quicker than initially forecast.

(Arguably) a secondary objective, which we’ve now begun to analyse and move forward with, was to ensure this low CPL model could be sustained and then carried across to new location-targeted areas as Evolution Solutions scales and grows in the future. Creating this well-performing framework and then rolling it out more widely has always been the overarching goal we’ve been working towards.

Looking further ahead, there’s now an appetite for us to work more collaboratively with the client on data analysis and demand highlighting with Paid Search, so we can best identify the best locations for additional budget spending and lead generation (and, as such, new recruitment on the client-side to meet this) to keep the model growing in a self-sustaining fashion.

Evolution Solutions had another source of leads initially that took some of the marketing budgets. Door4 has since provided further conversion rates from leads causing the client to move the full marketing budget over to us, resulting in Door4 as the client’s main source on Paid Search.

Our solution

Initial optimisations to the existing campaigns and the brand campaign were our immediate focus. 

  • Adding and optimising negative keywords to cut out inefficient or irrelevant ad clicks
  • Updating and improving ad copy – working with an existing copy to tweak with ad best practices
  • Activating brand campaigns (with low budgets) to ensure we’re capturing as much brand traffic as possible
  • Location-based targeting.
  • Creating new campaigns to begin to separate keywords groups.

Evolution Solution came to us with a clear brief, wanting to drive increased levels of leads via Paid Search at an efficient cost, reducing CPL and CPA. But in just 100 days of taking over their paid media account, Door4 managed to scale paid media cost per lead to around £10 in just three months. The CPL value currently sits at £9.40.

Client outcomes & beyond

When we revisited Evolution Solution’s performance back in December, we saw that the cost per lead was at £22.36, compared to £32.45 in the same period in November. This was already a reduction of 31% already!

Diving deeper into Evolution Solution’s success, we saw a clear improvement in conversion rates from when Door4 first took over. November displayed a 3.32% conversion whereas our most recent month saw a 10.81% increase in conversions.

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