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Performance Round-Up – April 2023

What does a Performance Marketing Agency actually get up to day-to-day? Well let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening at Door4 recently:

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

door4 performance roundup client results of best Q1 in 3 years

Starting strong, one of our lead-generation clients in manufacturing has had a brilliant month thanks to our SEO team, leads are up 41% compared to February and up 85% compared to March last year! The majority of these came from organic and direct traffic, showing the power of working consistently on SEO. The increase in leads means we’ve also seen a 57% increase in the overall conversion rate compared to last year, and a 33% increase month on month! Not only that, but this client saw their best Q1 in 3 years and we received some brilliant feedback:

“Thank you, Door4 have had a massive impact on the site over the past 18 months”.

We also had a great monthly recap with a new client that runs online training courses. This particular client had trialled other agencies in the past and often found they offered very little in terms of useful insights. We’re always performance and data-driven, so a lack of insights is not something in the Door4 vocabulary! We just had to share this short quote from the meeting as it encapsulates our ethics:

“It’s reassuring to see you have your finger on the pulse and that you’re chasing strategies that work”

We’ve seen strong growth for one of our e-commerce clients this past month, with their SEO revenue growth up 122% YoY, which is 42% ahead of forecast, generating 47% more sales than forecasted! As we always say, SEO takes time – but when it succeeds, you know about it! Check out some of our in-depth case studies to read more about the long-term gains of SEO.

ROAS of 567%

Moving on to one of our clients in the textiles industry saw their Paid Search ROAS steadily creeping up MoM with April knocking it out of the park! A ROAS of 567%, so of course the target we’re now working towards is 600%!
Performance Max recently ran into trouble last month with some technical feed issues for this client, so what did we do? With limited ways to fix this, our Performance Marketing Executive Liam had to bite the bullet and reconfigure a new feed. The campaigns went back into a learning period, but April has seen a quick recovery and we’re now back up to 609% ROAS, which is above target!

And that’s a wrap! April was a busy month for our team with lots going on that we’ll share in future posts. A huge congratulations to everyone involved!

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