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Mug shot – Holly Neal, Performance Strategist

The Door4 Mug shot interviews – as much as you can find out about us in the time it takes to drink a brew.

Name: Holly Neal
Role: Performance Strategist
Started at Door4: June 2021

How are you finding it?
Great! I’ve learned so much since I started and am excited to see myself grow, mainly because of all the puddings we eat here.

I was going to ask if you wanted a brew, but would you prefer a pudding?

Ooo yes I’ll have a berry tea and a peanut butter stack please!

Is that a nice combination?

Fair enough, I’ll change it to peppermint tea, please.

What do you do at Door4?

At the moment, I am split between overall client strategy (mainly in research) and user experience. However, I have had a few roles since starting at Door4! Including SEO exec, supporting PPC and internal marketing but now my focus is with CRO and market research.

Oh wow, a Jack of all trades then?
Definitely not, I’m no Dev wizard!

Now describe your role in three words.
Research is everything.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Door4?

The people, culture and support for my career development.

Complete this sentence: ‘In another life. I’d have been a …’

Well, I did architecture and environmental design at Uni for a couple of years, so maybe an Architect? It’s always been one of my favourite parts of travelling…

That’s Great! Tell me more?

I just got back from Peru! It’s so incredible to see how the Incas were able to build such a feat 2,430 m above sea level and how closely they followed astronomy and the constellations.

Is there anywhere else you’d like to visit?
Angkor Wat . Thinking about it, I’d quite like to travel around Vietnam and Cambodia.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your role?

Being able to see the impact we’re making for our clients through research and insights.

At Door4, whose job would you be most scared of doing – why?
Development. They’re geniuses, the things they can do with a website blows my mind!

How do you see your role at Door4 developing in the future?

Since I joined the team 2 years ago, the overall growth of the business has scaled continuously! We’ve had lots of new clients and new team members join us and I’ve since moved to our Manchester office!
It is a very exciting time for Door4, and I’m really excited to see how I can help evolve the agency throughout this journey.

Finally, Tell us a (clean) joke.

Did you hear about the chef that died?
He pasta way.

Thanks Holly!

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