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Mug shot: Jackie Yeadon, organic performance manager

The Door4 Mug shot interviews – as much as you can find out about us in the time it takes to drink a brew.


Jackie Yeadon


Organic performance manager

Started at Door4

2017 – first as marketing manager, then as a founding member of the performance team.

What do the letters after your name mean? 

BA (Hons) Media Production, PGDip Newspaper Journalism, NCTJ

Want a brew? 

Green tea, no milk or sugar thanks

What do you do at Door4? 

I have more of a focus on brand stories these days than when I initially started but I do have some responsibility for SEO as well as content.

So my job title may be a bit of a misnomer – it’s more a reflection of how data driven Door4 methods are.

In my career I’ve done every writing job going – traditional PR, newspaper reporting, magazine fiction, in-house and agency copy and content.

More and more clients are becoming enthusiastic about storytelling and brand authenticity again, so my role has evolved to draw upon everything from this list, really.

Now describe your role in three words

Copywriter and strategist.

What’s been the most important development during your time working in the digital sector? 

Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) update makes me feel vindicated because I used to despair of poor content that was just focused on keywords.

But now there’s definitely more focus on quality and that stops people cutting corners if they want to succeed. Google continuing to fly the flag for high quality content is good news.

Complete this sentence: ‘In another life I’d have been a…’


Name one thing you’re not very good out of the office

I could be better at reading instruction manuals – many brands could make them less tedious. I bought a fridge freezer a few days ago but the manual and warranty info is still untouched on the dining table. Just plug it in, right?

What’s the best thing about working at Door4? 

Working with a really nice bunch of creative people, being valued for the skills I have, and my expertise being trusted. Maybe some of my colleagues still don’t fully understand what I do but they trust me to do it well.

What makes the perfect Door4 client?

The best client is one that trusts us to do our job but challenges us to explain what we’re doing and why.

How do you see your role developing at Door4 in the future?

I’m pretty happy with what I do currently but I do like working with companies on their brand messaging, especially as a basis for decent future content.

If you were given tomorrow off work, what would you do for the day?

I’d take the dog for a long walk and afterwards I’d read my current book (I’m re-reading ‘Dreaming the Hound’ from Manda Scott’s Boudica series). Bit of a dog-themed day, really.

What would the title of your autobiography be? 

‘Why use one word when 80,000 will do?’ Writers will get it. Bit niche.

At Door4, whose job would you be most scared of doing – why?

Anybody else’s job – but particularly someone working in Paid Search or accounts I think. I don’t fancy juggling that much data and trying to make sense of all the numbers.

Tell us a (clean) joke.

I don’t know any clean jokes! I’ll have to google one.

Photo by Jackie, comedy moment by the dog.
Yes, it’s Comic Sans. Embrace it.

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