Boosting back office capability with a structured inventory

  • Multi-phase roll-out
  • Robust functionality

Our web development for Dams International has given its brand Social Spaces a launchpad for growth. Previously, Social Spaces had occupied an area on its parent company’s website. We designed and built a WordPress website to showcase the catalogue range of products. Though the company will not be selling direct to customers, the site needed the oomph of a structured e-commerce inventory, which we provided using WooCommerce. This is phase 1 of an ambitious development. With tasteful aesthetics and strong back-end functionality, Social Spaces is all set to break new ground, with future phases earmarked to develop scaleable growth.

It’s a strong brand, yet Social Spaces has not had its own website before. We’re already looking forward to working with Door4 on phase 2 of the development. We have a clear vision of what we want and Door4 have translated this into a good-looking website that’s powerful enough to grow with our ambitions.
Simon Howorth
Marketing & Communications Manager