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One of Door4’s largest clients, Nutsgroup, applied search expertise to grow the sale of care touch up paint to a relatively untapped market online. NutsGroup, which sells car parts and accessories on, offered market share growth potential. 

Having spotted the opportunity based on high search traffic and low competition, Door4 built and launched a brand-new sire targeting solely at the market –

Client objectives

NutsGroup asked Door4 to identify opportunities for growth. They had a few core focuses for the business, however growth was to be delivered based on strategic search data. This way we could ensure an approach that would result in increased revenue and a good ROI on digital marketing spend. Having worked with the company since 2019, they trusted us to be proactive and entrepreneurial on their behalf.

The way forward centred around creating a brand-new site – Our team spotted a large potential untapped market for the online retail of car touch up paint. A massive amount of search traffic existed, with limited competition already targeting the sector.

Problem Statement

Their existing site,, sells a wide variety of car and vehicle related merchandise. Whilst generally known as a ‘John Lewis’ of the automotive sector for car parts and accessories, it offered limited flexibility and scope to develop a clear specialism in the paints market.

Few competitors were brave enough to take on targeting this sector due to its complexity. Colour matching is far from straight-forward. With paints differing by make, model, manufacturer and year – the parameters are practically endless. However, with the client’s sector knowledge and insight, and our search experience and expertise, together we were up for the challenge.

Our solution

The Door4 team worked closely with the client applying strategic thinking to explore and check product offerings, pricing models, and profit margins for the product sector. It was clear this would be a ‘banker’ and an opportunity not to be missed.

Following the build of the new site, our brief was to make it work. More specifically, our objectives from the client were to :

  • Achieve 10% growth in organic traffic for relevant paint terms.
  • Generate £10k of revenue from the site each month. 

We’d spotted an opportunity, and the client shared our drive and enthusiasm to explore the potential for growth. Our task was to test the market aggressively, build a strong online presence and maximise conversion into sales – to achieve growth in market share for NutsGroup and take them to the next level.

Client outcomes & beyond

Our innovative and pragmatic approach focused on developing a large online product portfolio involving tens of thousands of individual product pages, as well as a dynamic registration lookup tool. This enabled customers to find, select and buy paint at a very precise level, according to all likely makes and models – something that so far had not been achieved by the competition.

The nuts and bolts of the strategy we built included:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • CRO

What was delivered

To achieve growth quickly it was important that this campaign designed to test a new sector for market growth potential, was geared up to succeed – and it did.

We attracted more buyers to the site.

To be precise, 93% more sessions, equating to 1.8m sessions over a 12-month period. 

And PaintNuts now take 25% of the market share of search – triple their original share of 8%.

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