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PaintNuts revenue has increased 75% year on year with AOV increased by 17%

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Door4 continued to grow PaintNuts revenue by launching a new website design to support product growth across automotive brands for car paint.  This allowed new user journeys and developed an enriched content management system that helped create more engaging articles for users to engage in.

Client objectives

PaintNuts are working to scale their colour match paint product and have targets to grow revenue for this product line by  25-35%

Problem Statement

PaintNuts is keen to continue growth in 2022 having already seen extensive revenue growth over the last 5 years, seeing over 100% year on year for the past 5 years.  With significant historic growth, continuing to scale the business is always going to be a challenge and Door4 have been set some ambitious targets for 2022.

Our solution

As a marketing agency we have focused on multi-channel approach scaling efforts on paid media and organic search optimisation to increase volume of transactions while our UX programme works to  optimise website performance through extensive user testing to increase conversion rates and average order value. 

What was delivered

In terms of acquisition we have been working to scale organic traffic though a combination of website technical improvements and development of customer focused content, this included the redesign and development of how user content is shown and structured on the website including page layout and navigation. 

In terms of scaling paid traffic we have been working with the client closely to maximise our efforts on Google shopping, expanding product range to increase sales and reviewing product margins to ensure we are operating cost effectively across product ranges while always pushing for more volume and revenue.

Our website optimisation programme has run continuous testing on the website to improve revenue performance of the website.  Following a number of successful tests we have been able to continue increasing the performance of the website fundamentally by increasing AOV leading to an increase in revenue per user across all website traffic.  

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