Sales & auction platform will help drive business to full potential

  • Realtime auction bidding with improved UX
  • Single auction and e-commerce platform
  • Customised Magento admin to suit an auction business

Pioneering auctioneer Whisky-Online had ambitions to scale the business to its full potential. While its platform had been innovative in its day, it had been outgrown and the business needed a modern e-commerce solution capable of helping it meet its commercial objectives. We delivered a combination retail/auction platform with a host of features that would allow the business to build loyalty and streamline its operations. This customisable platform will flex to Whisky-Online’s needs for the coming years.

  • Client objectives

    Client objectives

    Whisky-Online was initially only a shop, built in Magento 1, which sold current releases as well as specialising in older and rarer bottlings. The online auction was launched in 2012, a bespoke site with a unique approach.

    Both have thrived but, as the years passed, its increasingly outdated technology began to hold back their ability to scale this already international business. Whisky-Online needed a new, modern platform that was capable of growing to meet its commercial objectives.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    Together, we mapped literally hundreds of user journeys to inform how customers needed to experience both the shop and the auction. An appropriate discovery phase is essential for all complex web builds, and especially for an auction platform needing administration capabilities. The discovery session also helped us identify and solve how we would capture and build the excitement of an auction - the adrenalin is a tangible part of the experience. With our understanding of user needs, we created the ability to broadcast realtime updates to auction activity. This feature has really brought these online events to life in a unique way.

    In addition, the client needed robust back end technology to support payments and bookkeeping, plus time-saving features like product SKU management, recording of EPOS sales and stock movements. We also added processes to manage part payments and part shipments, speed up dispatching and support SEO.

  • Client results & beyond

    Client results & beyond

    We’ve delivered a customisable platform that will flex to Whisky-Online’s needs for the next five years. It leverages Magento 2 for powerful customer and order management functionality; a build of high intensity concurrent whisky auctions of up to 1,500 lots, incorporating an e-commerce shop.

    The client has a complete real time bid management, auto-refresh and broadcast technology, plus a full administrative client control centre for internal efficiency. To make the most of the client’s investment, we built it with resilient AWS infrastructure, which will support scaling and future platform growth.

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