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  • Multiple navigational levels
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As part of a rebranding strategy, global company Catexel needed a website that would convey the scale of its work and the scope of its innovations. It also had to reflect its potential to help clients and scientists make positive change. During this project, our mutual commitment to innovation helped us find common ground because, even though Catexel didn’t understand the extent of what a new website could help them achieve, they recognised and invested in exploring the possibilities. The result is a slick user journey that has positioned the company as a major player in its sector. Watch the full video testimonial on Vimeo.

I would always recommend Door4. They listen very carefully, they understand what you’re trying to do and they’re technically capable of delivering it. Again, they’re designing something that works for the client – not making the client fit into some standard package... They’re bringing forward all the time ideas for making the website sharper and more effective and faster. And that’s what you want from a service provider - someone who’s doing your thinking for you.
Paul Smith
Chief Executive
  • Client objectives

    Client objectives

    Catexel is a venture capital backed, global leading authority on transition metal based oxidation catalysts, accelerators and activators. Based in Derby, Manchester and the Netherlands, since 2006 it’s been working on breakthrough products that have helped answer some of the industry’s most complex challenges. Catexel needed a website that would convey the scale of its work and the scope of its innovations, and also inspire the next generation of scientists.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    We had strategic input from the outset and were heavily involved in the overall objective – to transform the ‘Catalysts for Change’ proposition into a stand-out digital presence. This early involvement was key to learning about Catexel and understanding their intellectual, problem-solving, and value-seeking audiences’ needs. It fed into the site design – we were able to understand their IP and know-how from technical and commercial perspectives, and use this to set them apart with a sector-leading website.

    In WordPress we created multiple navigation levels for a seamless feel, each page featuring hand-picked or commissioned images. To inspire the next generation of scientific talent, we used geometric patterns, bold statements and images. Plus, we integrated social channels to create a dynamic hub area – populated with engaging content that signposts to relevant destinations across the site.

  • Client outcomes & beyond

    Client outcomes & beyond

    As a VC-backed company, Catexel’s website is an important shop window and they were keen for the site to reflect the business’s energy. The resulting slick user experience put Catexel on par with its corporate competitors and customers – conveying the ‘power of positive change’ message in an inspiring way.

    The new site experienced an immediate boost in enquiries and visitors (organic search and direct). Analytics revealed visitors looked at more than three pages, which justifies the time taken to understand the customer journey.

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