User Research, Analysis & Planning

Insights gathered using scientific methodology lead to the creation of a deeper level of engagement with your brand.

User research, analysis & planning

Understanding user behaviours, needs and expectations is the key to converting them into customers. Without definitive proof, demographic information is open to interpretation and assumption. A scientific, data-led approach is the best way to ensure you’ve got the user journey right.

Scientific methodology encourages a deeper level of engagement with your digital product or service. So the good news is that this approach will also help you keep on delivering the goods as your customers’ expectations evolve, as they will.

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What’s happening, why, and how can we fix it?

We perform thorough platform data analysis (Analytics) to identify opportunities for improvement. We also perform a UX audit to identify, in detail, website pain-points that are having a negative impact on your objectives.

In addition, on-page observation reveals how users REALLY interact with your website! Completing the data gathering and analysis, we undertake user research by running controlled tests with real people providing in-depth insights about their experience.

The findings of the data might inform a new web build, or strategy for an existing website. For the latter, we plan a schedule of tests and make improvements to the website based on the resulting data. This is process is known as CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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A client story

at800’s goal was efficiency – to triage their users’ problems and provide the right solution in just one visit. We’d designed the website around this principle, guided by accessibility needs.

The client’s commitment to an ongoing programme of UX testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation has allowed them to target key areas of the site and achieve critical goals.

“User testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation have both improved how the website helps visitors find what they are looking for. We’ve been able to focus our spend on improving specific areas of the website, and achieve enhanced engagement from visitors.”

Jackie Hart, Marketing Manager, at800

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