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If your objective is to make more money and grow your business, Paid Search and shopping will get you there - and quickly.

Paid Search & Shopping

The success of Paid Search and Shopping accounts relies upon a disciplined account structure and aggressive tactics. If your objective is to make more money and grow your business, this will undoubtedly get you there – and quickly.

We start by refining your account structure, to allow it to achieve its targets and grow. This makes for the highest possible Quality Score – ensuring you attain the lowest market rate for keywords you want clicks from.

With the correct structure in place, we take an aggressive positional stance. In our experience higher positions for highly relevant keyword sets retrieve the highest conversion rates – rather than a broad stroke approach – hoping to influence the masses in a passive fashion.

Our approach means you can own your space and attract qualified traffic, while lowering your CPL and CPC; it provides the right conditions for growing and scaling your business.

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Working with Google’s philosophy

Our account management includes performance optimisation, ad copy testing, landing page testing, strategy and transparent reporting. We’re a Google Partner and we work with their philosophy, rather than trying to game it.

We deep-dive into your business and put your critical insights to work with strategies we know, from experience, will get great results. We insist on relevance; we have to reach the right people with the right message in the right context to achieve results.

As a team, we pride ourselves on high levels of service – good communication and complete transparency. Read our service agreement for more about this.


A client story

Within six months of taking over MotorNuts’ Paid Media, we had transformed sluggish performance into a winner.

MotorNuts PPC is hitting (and exceeding) campaign targets on its key metrics of scalability and ROAS. At the same time, our programme of test and learn has provided critical strategic insight into how MotorNuts can succeed into the long term.

“Door4’s proactive approach to the problem was just what we needed. They saw immediately what was holding us back regarding the technical implementation of our Google Shopping data feed. Once this was fixed, we started to see very positive results across all channels and the business as a whole.”

Catherine Mallord, Marketing Director, MotorNuts

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