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Performance Round-Up – August 2023

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last few weeks, so grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel. It’s a good ‘un!

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

A record-breaking month

We’re starting off strong with results from our acquisition team this month; a record-breaking month for sales for one of our lead generation clients, with a ROAS of 288%! This client is relatively new on the roster, and performance is steadily growing month on month as we implement our strategies. Stay tuned for future updates!

Door4 - a website refresh with conversion in mind

UX research leads to a website reskin

This project aimed to increase conversion rates on the website and modernise the brand’s website alongside their first-ever TV advert launch. We’ve now gone live in their major territories and continue to roll the website reskin out over all of the other territories for our global home and garden client.

The site is now much more interactive and visual, the video content and interactive features have really brought it to life. Our client was thrilled with the design and “loves the whole look and feel… it’s a much more professional site now”

Alongside a whole new look, we’re of course always working on improving SEO and wanted to quickly highlight these stats before we move on to another success story; Despite being at the very end of the gardening season, we saw sessions increase compared to July and a 14% increase in conversions (meaning we also saw nearly a 12% conversion rate increase).
The figures compared to last year were excellent – nearly 82% up on website sessions and 174% up on leads! The conversion rate saw a 51% increase year on year. 

Growth month-on-month

We shared this long-standing client’s results in the roundup last month (They were up 24% MoM for online leads) and this month we have more good news with continued growth driven by increased search activity. We’re up 50% MoM! Despite the increase in spend, CPA remains low, a testament to the careful planning and expertise of our brilliant paid media team!

155% increase in leads - performance marketing results

CRO & Technical SEO continues to provide results

We’ve seen strong gains for another one of our home and garden clients this month, with sample requests on-site having a 54% growth from June. How did we do this? A triple-threat approach! with involvement from almost all of our teams. We’ve run a solid CRO testing program to arrive on a solid page design that converts customers – alongside this, we have been improving the Technical SEO for an increase in page rank and general user experience. Finally, the paid media team have been showing off their fantastic results, with a yearly report showing a 155% increase in leads and CPA having dropped 30% overall compared to the same time last year!

Restructuring Performance Max for even better results!

Due to previous successes with the Performance Max campaigns for one of our busy e-commerce clients, we were able to gather the learnings to plan and restructure the account. We are currently working on building out the performance max campaign in a manner that will make it even more efficient and garner even better results.

The new campaigns have allowed us to increase our spending capacities and in return, we’ve seen good improvements to the overall and individual ROAS performances of the campaigns. The 2 new performance max campaigns in August were far exceeding our 600% ROAS targets – hitting 672% ROAS!

More leads, lower CPA

Phew, we’re nearly at the end for this month! Another of our lead gen clients has seen successful results with PPC this month. Google Ads has seen a strong volume of leads in August generating a 400% increase in requests compared to the month previously. This is a new client and the feedback has already been hugely positive for our team!

“It feels very different to previous relationships with other agencies.”

Always improving the user journey

Our final roundup highlight today is a nod to our CRO and web dev team, who have completed several projects over the past few weeks for many of our clients.

Firstly, a new interactive, diagnostic tool for a B2B lead-gen client. The tool is aimed to help businesses determine their requirements and will provide them with a convenient, PDF report summarising what they need and their tangible next steps. This tool is a great pre-qualification tool for our client to assess their lead quality, whilst also being a helpful tool for their potential customers.  

Another project we recently set live is a product customisation configurator for a home and garden client. The tool helps users to customise their products before completing the purchase. We optimised several aspects of the design with conversion in mind, making the selector as slick as possible, with accordion selection for colour and style, larger imagery and general aesthetic improvements. 


And that’s a wrap! Summer was another busy time for our team with lots going on. A huge congratulations to everyone involved! For more information or a general chat, feel free to contact us!

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