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Performance Round-Up – June 2023

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last 4 weeks, so grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel. It’s a good ‘un!

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

The power of UX

In the summer of 2022 we did a UX piece for what was then a fairly new client. Over the last year, their team has been slowly implementing our recommended updates on their site and in the last few months we’ve seen the benefits roll in thick and fast.

  • The average (all channels/traffic combined) conversion rate across all channels is up 108%
  • The overall traffic on the site is actually only up by roughly 100 visitors, so this isn’t just because of more traffic, it means the site is doing a better job at converting potential customers than it was a year ago!
  • The Organic Search Conversion Rate was up by a huge 486%

We’ve had great feedback from this client and had to highlight this mini testimonial we received that had the whole team grinning from ear to ear.

“The lead quality has improved so much since working with Door4, leads have been exactly what we’ve been wanting and in the palm of our hands. This is definitely a compliment to you guys and testament to the work you’ve been doing on the site”.

A smashing 6 months performance review

One of our multi-territory long-term clients had a 6-month review a few weeks ago, so as you can imagine that’s a lot of data to dive into. We’ll try and keep it short and sweet:

  • Organic sessions are up over 34% YoY and organic conversions are up over 15% YoY
  • We continue to rank above competitors on keywords across the 5 key territories, with consistent SEO work seeing search terms rise in the ranks.
  • For 2023 paid media, our focus has been driving ‘Future Demand’ to raise brand awareness whilst developing our ‘Current Demand’ strategy to ensure optimal lead generation performance.
  • Paid media conversions were +45% vs our forecast! Largely due to a strong performance on social.
  • We managed to achieve all these results with a CPA that was 32% lower than we expected. A great result for our team!

Continuing the long-term opportunity for growth

We’ve had a great month in the world of home and garden, with one of our clients seeing increased lead generation results thanks to aggressive search campaigns that have helped them increase their number of online leads (up 24% MoM). This client has traditionally put a lot of their spending into print media and is now deciding to push their digital budget, with great results!
To accompany the increase in paid media, our team is quickly working on improving the web experience for users, a tactic that goes hand in hand with lead generation.

Door4 also plans for the long-term with all of our clients, a solid strategy is key. One of our goals for this client is to define the ‘future’ target market and positioning for this brand, whilst working on an education-focused comms strategy to increase awareness of the category. Stay tuned for the results!

The best month in revenue since launch

How’s that for a title?! Our automotive client has seen consistent growth month on month, with revenue up 61% across all platforms for the month of June. What’s more, despite seeing a huge increase of 62% in website traffic YoY, the ongoing CRO program has ensured that the conversion rate has remained consistent, even increasing by 4% versus 2022!

Without revealing trade secrets, every team has a hand in the performance results for this client. We have the aforementioned CRO program, tried and tested SEO and paid media strategies, plus we continue to increase the site footprint with fresh, relevant content that improves overall customer confidence and experience.

Long-term gains from increased efficiencies

Our final mini-highlight today is from our market-leading client in the social sector.
From the start of the year, our PPC program for this client has reduced overall campaign cost per lead by up to 42%. This also just so happens to be the lowest CPL we’ve seen for over two years! Alongside this, the enquiry target was exceeded whilst sticking to budget: up 53% against our target. 


And that’s a wrap! June was another busy month for our team with lots going on. A huge congratulations to everyone involved!

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