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Ask The Expert – What will happen to my marketing funnel in GA4?

Tom Morton

What will happen to my marketing funnel in GA4?


Well, if you’re a Google ads user you might have a big problem as of next year.

Remarketing audiences as you know them today will not be there in its current form. So that means you’ve got to set them up in GA4 now.

One of the issues that you might have, (which isn’t the biggest issue in my opinion) is it is aggregated data. So it’s not the exact data that you previously used to work with.

But what that will give you is smarter audiences with machine learning.

So you might have insights of people who might sign up to a newsletter or the people likely to purchase in the next seven days or people who are going to turn from your subscription model.

The thing is with aggregated data, it’s not 100% accurate. So the more you use it, the more accurate it will become.

And that’s not just for you, that’s for every single user of GA4. I definitely recommend investing now and getting this all set up. So when you do come to use it you’ve got better insights, and you can market to people much better.

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