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Ask The Expert – How will ads work in a “cookie-less” world?

Jack Holden
How will ads work in a “cookie-less” world?

Cookies are a really popular topic at the minute in the paid media world.

With increased consumer privacy online there’s also a growing pressure to stop using intrusive third-party cookies, but how will this impact paid media? Well, one of the things we expect to see is that targeting becomes increasingly broad, we’ve already seen reductions in the granularity of audience and interest targeting on the likes of Facebook, which may make brands have a less hyper-targeted advertising approach, and maybe more of a brand-led approach using quality ad creative and an untargeted or at least less targeted advertising strategy. We’re also likely to see more red tape on-site visitor retargeting, instead, Brands might prefer to use engagement-based retargeting such as video view retargeting on Facebook.

It’s also more important that Brands invest in collecting as much first-party data as they possibly can, such as through CRM leads, and it’s also important that any agency or the team that you work with are able to integrate all of the channels that you’re currently using to make this as successful as possible.


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