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Ask The Expert – Should I be using Google Performance Max?

Tom Morton

Should I be using Google Performance Max?

The answer is… Yes, you should definitely try these things out, but make sure you use them as a supplement to your regular campaigns. 

I’ve generally found with e-commerce it works quite well because you’ve been present at both the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, so if you’re trying to pull people into the Market you’re being present there but also at the bottom of the user’s funnel so you’ve got to pick up the sales as well.

With lead generation, I’ve generally found if it’s a higher value item it is a little bit of a mixed bag of results if I’m honest, but it is quite good at getting your branding out there and getting people at least initially interested. I’d still rather go with a traditional display campaign or a video campaign. You need to make sure you put limitations in place because it is quite budget hungry, so I wouldn’t start off with a big budget yet, start small and then build it up over time as you see improvements in performance. 

In addition to this, I’d also recommend having high-quality display and video assets. These are really important to have especially with performance Max, the main reason for that is because Google will actually make their own versions for you and it can look a little bit rubbish, so if that’s something you’re interested in I’d highly recommend investing in that too.

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