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Ask The Expert – How many ads should I be tracking in GA4?

Tom Morton
How many ads should I be tracking in GA4?

How many events should you be tracking in GA4? Well, it’s a bit of a complicated question… we actually run a workshop quite regularly called The Metrics That Matter where we actually define all these goals.

However, this will vary from business to business and there’s no one big solution for everyone. You can track too much, or you can track too little, but as a general rule of thumb if you’re looking at a lead gen site you might want to start tracking contact form engagement form drop-offs, and anything that really aligns with your business goals. For e-commerce, it might be lifetime value, revenue per user, or certain other metrics that can make you decide “can I bring up the average order value”, for example, so as long as you’re tracking your valid engagement metrics, and you can then get data-driven defined goals, and you’re not tracking too much (and you’re not tracking too little) it should be enough.


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