Site Speed Audit, Monitoring & Optimisation

Site speed (or page speed ) is important because Google won’t rank a slow website – and your customers won’t buy from it.

Site speed (page speed)

Site speed is the most undervalued KPI in digital marketing. It affects everything from bounce rates to e-commerce transactions and your brand’s position in SERPs. Google won’t rank a slow website – and your customers won’t buy from it; speed really is this influential.

Everyone needs to know about your speed – from PPC execs who need landing pages to convert, to designers creating the images and developers writing the code. Unfortunately, we find not many businesses have someone who takes ownership of improving speed. These companies literally get left behind by competitors and it’s going to get worse as Google focuses on it more and more, especially on mobile.

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Creating a fast, slick experience

We take a testing approach (that is, starting with a speed audit). This will inform what happens next, because there can be many causes of slow loading pages. Are your images too big? Is database querying holding you up? Are there easy or complex structural or technical issues that need addressing? A speed audit will pave the way for a plan of action.

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