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Door4 performance roundup october 2023

Performance Round-Up – October 2023

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last few weeks, so grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel. 

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

Improved efficiency leads to CPA savings!

For our global healthcare lead-gen client, we’ve been seeing brilliant PPC performance improvements, with CPA down from £130 to £33 year on year. Along with a reduced budget, results are still strong with a 114% increase in leads in quarter 3.
How have we done this? Our PPC team have worked methodically on account improvements, from creative to audiences, but the real winner is Performance Max, with nearly a third of all leads generated coming from PM campaigns!

Ensuring quality whilst increasing the quantity

One of our newest lead-gen clients has seen significant improvements to their PPC campaigns after Door4 took the reigns. Compared to September, we have seen almost a 50% increase in leads, whilst decreasing cost per lead by 5%. Traffic from ads has seen an increase, with 49% more clicks and 36% more impressions. It’s clear that more relevant users are seeing and clicking ads as indicated by the increase in CTR. Stay tuned to see how this client account develops with us over the coming months!

The best month in sales performance under Door4 management

October has been the most successful month for sales under Door4 management for our lead generation training provider. Our team has been steadily improving this account over time and their hard work continues to see results with month-on-month increases. To continue pushing ROAS, we’ve dialled back the budget for November upon reviewing the seasonality of our current keyword set. Our team constantly review trends and plan accordingly – we ensure every £1 is spent wisely.

The best site conversion rate since November 2021

We’ve seen continued improvement on conversion rate month on month and year on year for our national family sector client. October’s conversion rate marks the highest since November 2021!
How did we do this? The main factor is our ongoing conversion rate optimisation program, with constant testing, even the smallest changes can make big improvements to performance. Our overall goal for this client is to improve lead quality, which we achieve with a holistic cross-service approach. The CRO programme is one part, with UX design, content, PPC, and more also playing parts in the overall performance. 

Overall revenue is up 18% year on year!

We continue to push performance across the board for our automotive e-commerce client. We work across all areas for this client, from paid social to CRO and web development projects, but our standout this month results from our SEO and Content teams, where we’ve seen Organic Sessions are up 177% YoY and organic revenue growth is up 94% YoY.  The team have been working on a long-term strategic plan to increase positions for keywords, plus, improve and increase strategic content that is closely aligned with user intent.

A large part of the credit goes to Tech SEO improvements, with a focus on indexability and continually monitoring and making improvements. All of this leads to increased visibility in the SERP and the great results we’ve been reporting!


And that’s a wrap! October was another busy time for our team with lots going on. A huge congratulations to everyone involved! For more information or a general chat about your brand performance, feel free to contact us!

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