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Mug shot – Amy Parker, Account Executive

The Door4 Mug shot interviews – as much as you can find out about us in the time it takes to drink a brew. 

Name:  Amy Parker
Role:  Account Executive
Started at Door4: March 2022

Want a brew? How do you take it?
Sadly 🙁 I’m trialling being dairy free so I’ll take a coffee with oat milk, please!

What do you do at Door4?
I’m 1/5th of the Client Services team, currently an Account Executive. 

And what does an Account Executive do all day?
Good question..
Every day is different but the general gist is keeping my clients happy, I’m usually busy being the middleman between the productive teams and clients! (not that CS aren’t productive).
Most of my days are filled with client meetings, working on reports, presentation decks, and writing & delivering briefs!

How do you see your role at Door4 developing in the future?
I’m just over the one-year mark of being a client servicer so, I see the near future as gaining more experience, working with more clients and growing alongside my fellow Account Managers!

What’s the best thing about working at Door4?
Parenting my desk pet plant <3 Joking.. Working with so many different characters. 

What’s the plant’s name? (And is it really poisonous or were you joking when I touched that leaf…?)
She’s called Ivy, and yes Google says she’s poisonous.

Complete this sentence: ‘In another life. I’d have been a …’
A millionaire, to fund all my holidays 🙂

I wish you’d have said a billionaire, then you could have funded all of our holidays

Anyway… what would the title of your autobiography be?
“Me & my travels: fitting in 10 summer holidays into 25 days of annual leave”

I love that! We have a lot of people travelling regularly, from Holly exploring Peru to Teresa just getting back from Canada. Where are you jetting off to next?
I’ve got a birthday trip planned to Ibiza!

If you were given tomorrow off work, what would you do for the day?
Start with a lie in, if the weather is nice I would take Brian (my dog) for a walk, end with a glass of wine and a film.

(Dear reader, I really thought she was going to say go on holiday…)

Name one thing you’re not very good at outside of the office
I’m terrible at making decisions, much more of a go-with-the-flow person outside of the office.

If you were a famous boxer, what would be your boxing ring walk song?
Tina Turner – The Best

At Door4, whose job would you be most scared of doing – why?
Anything content related.. I’m struggling with creative answers here! So hats off to the content writers who sit directly across from me.

Tell us a (clean!) joke.
What did the cheese say to himself in the mirror 



Thanks, Amy!

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