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Consistent testing leads to surge in conversion rate and lead quality

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“ When we first started working together, the brief I gave them was a challenging one, with both technical and design difficulties. However, the team really took time to immerse themselves in our brand, to understand our target audience and deliver above and beyond what we ask for. Over the years we have built an open and honest relationship and it is very clear the team genuinely care about what we do, which in our industry, really matters. They provide us with daily support and advice, allowing us to explore new and exciting ways to grow our marketing strategy (and our results speak for themselves). The team at Door 4 are incredible knowledgeable, experts in their fields and a dream to work with, what more could we want from a digital partner?”
Emma Finch
Head of Carer Attraction


For the leading Independent Fostering Agency, Door4 heavily recommended the need for a 1 site strategy. Prior to this, NFG had both branding and digital real estate to solve. We devised a bold, single-site strategy to increase brand authority and SEO rankings, with a centralised website platform to demonstrate market-leading success.

NFG then aimed to double their CRO results through a consistent testing program. Over a 15-month period, rates increased by 93%. However, it was crucial for the agency to analyze the number of high-quality leads.


NFG wanted to increase the number of quality leads who had a higher chance of becoming approved carers. They also wanted to maintain the overall site conversion rate. The hypothesis was that quality may improve, but would outweigh the impact on volume.

Door4 set out to introduce a pre-qualification tool into the carer enquiry process.


Our solution was geared towards risk mitigation and ensuring a net increase in quality leads. Manifesting as a three-stage process, implemented via our conversion rate optimisation program:

  • Introduction of a ‘Can I Foster?’ tool
  • Introduction of wayfinding to lead users to the ‘Can I Foster?’ tool
  • Subsequent optimisation of the ‘Can I Foster?’ tool

What we did: Addition

We introduced a ‘quiz’ type tool which assessed the eligibility of potential foster carers on key suitability points.

We tested two different wordings of the ‘quiz’ title – ‘Can I foster?’ and ‘Check your eligibility’ against each other on the qualification process against the basic version of the main enquiry form.

The wording ‘Can I foster?’ increased conversion rates by 88% compared with wording ‘Check your eligibility’ at an increase of 46%. Against our hypothesis of a reduced overall conversion rate, we saw strong conversion rate improvement in both versions.

We saw an uplift in ‘higher intent’ leads with the wording ‘Can I foster?’, providing evidence for moving towards a business approach where higher quality leads could be prioritised and first contacted.

What we did: Wayfinding

Post establishing the wording, it was vital to provide an introduction of wayfinding to lead more users to the ‘Can I Foster?’ tool to convert.

We implemented the wording, ‘Can I Foster?’ into CTA buttons to low converting blog pages. We removed the previous CTA’s such as ‘Enquire now’ to ‘Can I Foster?’ and tracked a strong improvement in both lead conversions and button clicks through the tool. The ‘Can I Foster?’ tool produced a +33% increase in conversions and +227% CTA clicks through.

What we did: Optimisation

Door4 wanted to improved the successful ‘Can I Foster?’ tool to improve user experience and maximise the amount of candidates completing the process. Our CRO team introduced a much simplified version of the tool – brought all the questions onto one page versus multiple, and tested this against the incumbent version.

We identified a strong conversion rate uplift versus previous version. The new, improved, simplified ‘Can I Foster?’ tool provided a +28% increase in conversions. We established that this tool is clearer highlighting for users on their suitability with further refinement of diagnosing higher intent leads.

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