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Decoding Digital: Kevin Robinson

The next Door4 Decoding Digital event; ‘A Wealth of Experience’ is fast approaching (28 January – find out more or register here).

We took time to talk to one of our featured speakers, Kevin Robinson – senior conversion analyst with Brainlabs.

Hi Kevin, thanks for agreeing to take part in this month’s Decoding Digital event – for those not familiar with your work, could you tell us about what you do?

Yes, Brainlabs is an experimentation focused digital agency with a global presence.

We deliver improvements for organisations in areas like customer acquisition, social ad campaigns and optimisation.

I’m based in the Manchester office, working closely with clients like Boots, Sports Direct and Hotel Chocolat on data strategy.

So typically that can involve things like website optimisation, A/B testing, investigating user behaviour and using data to improve UX.

Have you always been a data specialist?

No, initially I worked as a digital ‘all rounder’ in the charity sector but later joined a digital agency and focused more on data analysis and optimisation.

I always had a passionate interest in user behaviour though, I find it fascinating – especially when it surprises you.

How do you mean?

Well I like being able to use data to confirm a theory, of course – but it’s also exciting to be proven wrong sometimes. You can assume that users will do a certain thing or want a particular outcome – then the analytics will show the opposite.

That’s why it’s vital to use a data-led approach, not only for validation but to learn more about what makes users tick.

I’ve got some good examples of this that I’ll be referring to in my presentation on the day.

Do you do many industry events like this?

I’ve done plenty of these online events and previously appeared at comms and marketing conferences but I’d like to do more.

I’m keen to talk to people who are looking to grow their operations in a methodical way.

It’s important to highlight how much more businesses can do with their data beyond just validation.

Like what?

Well of course you need to show the relevant numbers to key stakeholders – whether that’s conversion rates, leads generated, traffic and so on.

But that same data should be destined for the designer’s sketchpad, not just the boardroom.

User experience optimisation can make a difference to bottom lines, so it makes commercial sense to use data as a design tool too.

Ultimately, I’m hoping to help people improve performance, not just prove it – I’ve got some examples of this too.

We’re looking forward to it! Is there anything in the industry that has excited or intrigued you personally recently?

Although speed optimisation itself isn’t new, I’ve been working a lot recently on it from a slightly different angle.

Instead of just looking to make improvements – especially in Google’s Web Core Vitals – I’ve been helping clients understand the actual business impact.

It opens a lot of eyes in a business when you can show a line graph of conversion rates sinking dramatically as pages get slower.

But it also helps prioritise which areas are most important for us to focus on improving. I believe the continuing interest in page speed across the industry will start more conversations about how we optimise. And not just what users see – but also how, where and when they see it – and the importance of that personal context to how your message is received.

Optimisation is no longer about button colours, it’s about providing the most helpful experience for the individual, precisely when they need us.

Thanks Kevin!

Our next Decoding Digital event is on Friday 28th January at 10:00pm. Book your FREE space today to learn more.

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