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Ask The Expert – Are keywords becoming less important?

Leon Calverley
Are keywords becoming less important?

There are lots of changes going on at the minute that indicate keywords are maybe taking a back seat in the PPC landscape.

These reflect innovations on online platforms such as Google and Facebook’s machine learning and automation. We’ve seen this in the relaxing of keyword matches particularly on Google, where updated algorithms have led to improved semantic relationship matching between terms and their intent.

It’s also evident in new campaign types such as PPC Max, where a cross-channel campaign type uses absolutely no keywords at all but instead relies on contextual user signals to know where to serve ads. All an Advertiser has to do is add creative and an objective and Google’s machine learning will do the rest across search, display, shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery. So it’s clear keywords are perhaps becoming less important and maybe in the future we’ll also see a completely keyword-less landscape. It’s important then, that your team or your agency partner needs to take a progressive and integrated approach to supporting factors such as site optimization, customer data analysis, and AD creative quality.


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