• at800

    Putting Digital With Purpose Into Context

The Client:

at800 is an organisation set up under Government direction to resolve Freeview TV interference when new 4G mobile phone signals are activated across the UK.

The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to frequencies used for Freeview. This may cause interference to Freeview.

TV viewers may experience Freeview interference issues once mobile operators have activated 4G masts.


What we did:

Created an interactive, content-rich public information website.

Now on its third iteration, the website’s purpose is to provide a dynamic, up-to-date user experience that educates viewers about the potential issue, and deliver a variety of content and tools to help self diagnose if the issue is being caused by the new mobile networks.

Why we did it:

The overriding objective was to communicate a technical change to audiences with varying degrees of technical understanding. Clarifying the issue and explaining at800’s role in resolving it, they relied on Door4 devising a carefully planned navigation and relevant content that reflects a well researched simple and useful customer journey.


How we did it:

We carried out trend research to determine which devices would most frequently be used to access the website. This highlighted the need for a slick mobile user experience, so everything we did needed to work well in this format – from sign-posting users to problem-solving content to sharing general information regarding the roll-out.

Indeed, the user experience and correct messaging has been a primary focus throughout the project.

The online content and site was designed with TV viewers in mind. A simple user experience was key that allowed visitors to understand the the potential problem they may experience and how at800 can support them.

Contextual and problem-solving content developed by Door4 includes:

  • Motion graphic videos
  • Decision tree/ FAQs
  • Postcode look-up
  • Interactive infographics
  • Media centre/ communications hub

To Date at800 has:

  • Made more than 45,000 installer visits
  • Fixed disruption caused by 4G in over 16,000 households
  • Sent over 19 million informative postcards





How we’re still achieving:

By never standing still. We are continuing to monitor site performance as well as integrating new features from these insights as we go along. Tools such as a postcode look-up tool that allows people to see if they may be affected by 4G interference, for example, are developed when user testing exposed specific user needs.




What they said about us

“Door4 have been great to work with. Every step of the way they have listened, created, analysed and improved to make sure we reach our goals.”

Jackie Hart
Communications Manager