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  2. Tom Morton on his new role as Head Of Activation, team growth, and the transformation of Door4.
Tom Morton, head of activation at Door4 sits on a sofa for his picture to be taken

Tom Morton on his new role as Head Of Activation, team growth, and the transformation of Door4.

We caught up with one of Door4’s most integral team members, Tom Morton, who has just stepped into a broader role, now the ‘Head of Activation’. 


Tom’s new position involves conversion optimisation and acquisition, a pivoting change that he believes will offer significant benefits to Door4’s clients. “We’ve restructured our set-up”, he explains, “Sometimes you can find yourself working in silos with strict disciplines and departments with little cross-pollination, however now we’re one big, cohesive team. This approach enables us to explore and exploit opportunities more efficiently.” 

“Yes, this does present a more unified performance service,” he affirms when asked about the potential advantages to their clients. Tom’s history with Door4 spans over two and a half years, during which he has seen considerable growth,

“We’ve nearly doubled our team size, retained valuable clients and welcomed many new ones.” 

Considering Door4’s shift towards the Home & Garden market in recent years, Tom is also proactively preparing by staying on top of trends, boosting awareness and utilising emerging channels like TikTok. Omnichannel engagement, trend awareness and data are at the forefront of Tom’s strategy.  

Discussing trends, he highlights that the changes anticipated with Google will largely influence client strategies. “Google’s step in to search generative experience will significantly affect how people interact with websites. Users won’t need to scroll much; the required answer will be right there. This will have a profound impact on general marketing, search ads, shopping ads, and top-of-funnel awareness. Essentially, we could be looking at a complete transformation in the coming five years.”

Despite the emergence of tools like ChatGPT revolutionising communication, Tom believes in quality over quantity. “Mass-produced content may fade away quickly, but our best approach method has never failed us,” he asserts with confidence. 

Regarding his new role overseeing a larger team, Tom underscores the importance of skills development, training, and learning. “At Door4, we value personality first and skills second, but we always encourage our team to develop and learn.” The agency encourages everyone to be proactive in their learning journey and provides a very supportive environment to help them thrive. 

Speaking about the benefits of hybrid working, Tom concedes, “While many prefer the flexibility of 100% working from home, there’s an unmatched advantage to face-to-face interactions. We all respect and enjoy working together.” As for his personal goals, they align perfectly with Door4’s growth trajectory – more progress and greater success.

We also recently welcomed back two team members who had previously worked at Door4, to further expand the PPC and SEO teams.
“Yeah, you know, I never thought we’d see them again, as generally that’s how it goes in agencies. However given the opportunity we were happy to welcome them back, it made sense, they were great hires and it just shows how positive the environment is when people return.”

In the end, he reveals the common misconception about Door4 being a tactical performance agency.

“Performance marketing does mean results, but what goes on behind the scenes – research, analysis, strategy, and brand-building – is extensive. That’s what truly defines us and sets us apart.” 

Finally, Tom explains how businesses can avoid common pitfalls by partnering with companies like Door4. He states, “Fail to plan, plan to fail. Even the slightest oversight can lead to unwanted results. This is exactly why we conduct thorough onboarding, strategy and forecasting – to eliminate any hidden errors or flaws.”


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