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Performance Round-Up – March 2024

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last few weeks, as well as our clients sharing a lot of great news with us! So grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel.

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

Performance hits 600%+ ROAS

Despite a declining market and rising costs for materials, we saw steady performance and a bounce back in April for one of our e-commerce clients, with the last month equal to order and revenue numbers from the same period in 2023. This achievement is not to be understated in the current market.
We have recovered this by reassessing the user journey of users that interact with this client on Search Engines, creating a more optimised experience that leads to a higher likelihood of conversions. Furthermore, introducing product-specific campaigns has led to ads that are more tailored and useful for users, getting to the site’s area relevant to their query, further reducing friction in the user journey.
Thanks to the hard work of our team we achieved paid media performance of 603% ROAS this month!

Continuing the theme of growth and sharing good news, this client also celebrated the opening of a new physical store this month!

A holistic strategy leads to new campaigns.

We have been busy planning out lots of new exciting campaigns for our client in the family sector, helping them hit new business goals. Our team have been working on optimising landing pages alongside this ready for the campaigns to launch. We’ve worked closely with this client for many years and our joined-up, holistic thinking and tailored strategies continue to help us build a strong relationship.

A re-platform for long-term future gains.

We completed a successful re-platforming project for one of our home furniture brands this month.
The project was both time-sensitive and essential to making future gains and progress. Albeit the reallocation meant that we would take the risk of seeing short-term downfall, however, the pros would massively outweigh the cons. The website platform in question was very rigid and close to being not fit for purpose. We re-platformed the client website from Laravel to WordPress to make the site more flexible and easier to build future developments, in turn making ongoing work more affordable and less time-consuming.
Along the way, we massively improved the general functionality and the ease of using the site from both a front-end and back-end perspective.

The client is already thrilled with the changes and it’s proving to be a huge time saver for both the client and Door4.

Exceeding targets, whilst remaining under budget

Another of our home & garden clients has had success with paid media campaigns, exceeding last month’s target but remaining under budget. It’s always great to be able to feedback that we have achieved targets for less spend! Year to date we are storming ahead of target, target conversions are 180% above target conversions! This is incredible and the paid media team deserve all the credit for their continued hard work on this account!

Launching on a new platform sees traffic surge 

Our international garden client is quickly seeing seasonal performance improvements (as to be expected once the weather warms up!)

We also launched a brand new campaign that went live on the radio just last week, and we’ve already seen a spike in landing page traffic for their promoted range. To expand on this campaign, we’ll be setting more ads live, amplifying the reach and impact of the radio advert on more platforms.

Landing page views following the launch of a radio campaign


And that’s a wrap! We’ll be back with more results from the team next month.

Is it time to work with a results-driven agency that will help you exceed your goals? If you’d like to know more about working together, speak to us today, or come and meet us in person at one of our Events!

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