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The Door4 Breakfast Club: PPC Recap

At Door4, we are committed to empowering our team with the latest industry knowledge and expertise. Our recent team workshop just before Christmas, had a clear objective in mind: to consolidate the understanding of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising across all employees, regardless of their skill levels. To provide those who don’t use these tools daily with a solid foundation in PPC. We all took copious notes ready for the quiz at the end, because it turns out we’re a competitive bunch…

Led by our brilliant PPC Lead, Keeley Davies, the session kicked off with an exploration of the world of PPC. Our team immersed themselves in the fundamental elements, dissecting keywords, triggers, and performance stats available on platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook. This interactive session took us on a deep dive into keyword bidding, the auction system, and the significance of relevancy in keyword selection.

Bidding strategy emerged as an essential part of our workshop. We looked into the factors that influence bidding amounts and the fierce rivalry over coveted keywords. Keeley then expanded on the auction mechanism, with a strong emphasis on ad rank – a metric that encompasses both cost-per-click bid and quality score.

The workshop emphasised understanding the power of ‘quality score’. This vital figure represents the quality and relevance of an ad to users, directly influencing its position and cost. We explored the various elements that contribute to quality scores, such as user experience, anticipated click-through rate, and keyword relevance.

Inquisitive minds in our workshop naturally gravitated towards the fiscal aspects of PPC advertising. We examined the intricacies of cost-per-click (CPC) and how businesses are charged for each click on their ads. This deep dive allowed our team to grasp the intricate relationship between bid amounts, ad position, and the overall campaign expense.

We then explored key performance metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per acquisition, search impression share, and return on ad spend. These metrics serve as invaluable indicators of campaign effectiveness, allowing the PPC team to make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional returns on our clients’ investments.

No journey in PPC advertising is without its challenges. Keeley addressed common hurdles such as unexpected CPC hikes and dramatic drops in conversions. Our team learned the importance of vigilant monitoring, benchmarking against competitors, and a nimble approach to adjusting strategies to overcome setbacks.

We then concluded the workshop with a quiz! The quiz covered what was discussed throughout the session, ranging from defining ‘quality score’ to calculating ad rank based on maximum CPC and quality score. This interactive activity . It was a close call for the winning team, but Amy & Annabel ended top of the leaderboard.

Our Door4 team now possess a solid foundation, with our PPC team always available to answer questions. We believe in knowledge sharing and dedicate time for learning for every member of the team.
As the world of digital advertising continues to evolve, at Door4, we are not just another marketing agency – we are a transformative partner, relentless in our pursuit of exceeding commercial goals and propelling businesses to new heights.

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