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Performance Round-Up – September 2023

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last few weeks, so grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel. 

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

Encouraging commitment.

When it comes to making big-ticket purchases, it’s important to create user journeys’ that your customers find easy to use and encourage commitment.
From our research, we could see that the current request form for one of our home clients had a declining conversion rate. We wanted to reduce cognitive overload and establish trust with a stepped form, where the user can select the department of interest and find their local supplier easily. Our UX and Dev teams finalised this project recently and results have been positive already!

Paid Performance Highlights.

This time of year can be tricky for our clients who operate within the gardening sector, when the seasons change and their customers are no longer out enjoying the garden. However, our PPC team has been seeing great results and even managed to smash their conversion target out of the water last month.
We saw incredible performance vs forecasted targets, especially in terms of our video advertising and social advertising efforts. In terms of numbers, we spent 6% less but saw a 123% increase in conversions! 

Alongside great paid media results, we provide a full range of services for this client – including technical support for their site.  Last month also saw us complete their PIM integration hookup, which now automatically populates their website with the most current product data – and considering this client has 22 sites – it’s a huge time saver!

233 increase in leads highlight

Organic Performance has hugely improved compared to 2022.

We’ve seen a 22% increase in sessions to one of our B2B clients’ websites and a 233% increase in leads, meaning the conversion rate has soared, increasing by 168% compared to this time last year!
As a B2B business, lead generation is a different ball game to the B2C market. This client has regularly noted the increase in leads, as well as lead quality, compared to previous years.
How have we done this? Not to share our secret formula, but having a consistent SEO programme deserves the main credit here! 

Revenue targets hit again.

Our automotive clients’ to whom we provide a full suite of performance marketing services for set us a target of 15% revenue growth – We smashed that with revenue up 34% total across all platforms!
We’ve been seeing a huge increase in sessions this last year, up 86% YoY, attributed to the tactical campaigns we are running – the result? We’ve seen organic revenue up 71% YoY!

Saving time with automated reports

Finally, if reporting is your jam then this recently completed project will impress you!
We have now set up custom automated reports to go directly to our global home & garden client on the 1st of the month, so these can be distributed out to each of their territories.  The client is very happy with the bespoke reports and convenience of the automation – meaning they can send their reports out across the business for the previous month, smoothly and swiftly.


And that’s a wrap! September was another busy time for our team with lots going on. A huge congratulations to everyone involved! For more information or a general chat about your brand performance, feel free to contact us!

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