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ICYMI in November: Paid Media & social roundup

New in the last month, in case you missed it.

FACEBOOK ADS: *NEW* Ad Preview Panel

Expand for full screen, great for screenshotting and showing clients

This new preview panel gives you an idea of what your ads look like on all the various Facebook placements. There are 28 placements in this picture, but I generally only use the Facebook News Feed.

Also, there’s the option just to change the primary text which you can then use this new preview panel with the “View more variations” button to see a chosen variation – great to see if you have used too much content on mobile feed previews.

FACEBOOK ADS: *NEW* Ad Preview Panel

Here’s the ad preview non-expanded.

Facebook ad preview non-expanded.




GOOGLE ADS: Conversion Funnel Segment in Audiences tab

Is this new? Yes, I am a super sleuth.

I spotted this – a conversion funnel segment (visitor type in the conversion funnel) in the audiences tab only. It hasn’t been populating correctly (everything set to Unknown) even though the conversion funnel is setup in Google Analytics.

Now, if Google can get this working then some decent insights can be learnt. My LinkedIn buddies went mad for the possibilities. And I was congratulated on my sleuthing abilities. You’re welcome.

GOOGLE ADS: Conversion Funnel Segment in Audiences tab




GOOGLE ADS: *ALERT* Combined Google Audiences

This is a game changer!

It’s time to put my Facebook targeting skills into use this time with buying intent. Google has just added a next level feature to Google Ads that means we can start INCREASING our work on EXCLUDING audiences.

GOOGLE ADS: *ALERT* Combined Google Audiences

This combination of audiences is a really promising feature and I have started the task of testing some in all my client accounts (huge, huge job and potentially endless).

  • Initial tests are showing great promise. Just don’t layer too tight as this restricts traffic
  • Remember unlike FB these Google audiences have a strong buying intent
  • Use Super Broad Keyword + Combined Audiences + Multiple Gallery Ads + Good Mobile LP = WIN

Then I said this.

And then this happened.

Google's response

My scoop made it to Search Engine Land. And Search Engine Land again. And Adzooma. By then it was too late though – your competitors were all over it, because they’re watching my LinkedIn feed. Join up!


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Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash.

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