ICYMI in February 2020: Paid Media & social roundup

February's curated news and observations about Paid Media and Social from the desk of Steven Johns, Door4’s PPC Expert, Marketing Strategist and Top 50 PPC Influencer 2019.

New in the last month, in case you missed it.

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Add pictures and video to events

Get those pictures indexed for local SEO boosts!

You can now add up to 10 pictures or videos in a “What’s New”, “Events” or “Offer” post.

Google My Business - add pictures

Google “Motornuts” to see what your Google My Business should look like if you fully max out feature wise.

Just waiting for those new “Local Favourite” badges to be released to dominate the local SEO for this client.




GOOGLE SHOPPING: *NEW* price competitiveness report

How are other merchants pricing the same products that you sell?

This was a quiet release of the new BETA price competitiveness report in Google Merchant Center. 

The screenshot below is from us using really aggressive bidding for a niche of product we wanted to dominate (shopping, search, featured snippets and GMB) in the UK market. The price competitiveness report shows how other merchants are pricing the same products that you sell. 

You’ll see an average price for each product, which can help you understand the price at which other advertisers are successfully attracting clicks, as well as aggregate metrics on benchmark prices over time.

Google's price competitiveness

The benefits of all this?

  • You can use pricing insights as guidance when you’re bidding on ads and pricing your products.
  • You’ll be able to bid more competitively on appropriate products in Shopping ads.
  • You can use price benchmark reporting when making pricing decisions and setting merchandising strategy – like identifying products, product types, brands, or categories that are priced too high.




FACEBOOK ADS: *NEW* Performance Alerts

Facebook auto flags any campaigns that may need instant attention.

Performance Alerts have just been auto-applied to one of my BM accounts this morning. 

This is a great feature to flag any campaigns that may need attention – for example, if you’ve received negative comments, spam GIFs, broken links, your promos are out of date, you’ve spent budget, your account limit has been reached… and so on.

Facebook Performance Alerts

Facebook says:

“When we notice changes in the key metrics of your campaigns, ad sets or ads we’ll show you performance alerts in the reporting table.”

It will only show performance alerts for campaigns, ad sets and ads that meet certain criteria:they must be active, not in a learning phase, and they must have run consecutively for the last four days.

The performance alerts track five metrics:

  • Amount spent
  • Cost per result
  • Results
  • Impression
  • Reach


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Photo by Eric Aiden on Unsplash.

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