1. The Analytics Edge: Attribution and measurement for the modern marketer

March 2023

The Analytics Edge: Attribution and measurement for the modern marketer

Decode the digital world at our next webinar event on Friday 24th March 2023 💪🏻

Our interactive session The Analytics Edge: Attribution and Measurement will be lead by Door4s experienced industry experts with insights and inspiration to help you transform your brand’s performance.

Whenever we ask clients, prospective clients, partner businesses, what they’d like to learn more about or gain more knowledge about; Analytics, Data, and measuring effectiveness is always top of the list.

So we’ve put together an interactive webinar to get people thinking, problem solving and understand how to create clarity from the cacophony of data that exists right now for todays modern marketer.

Door4s Head of Acquisition Tom Morton will be using the webinar format morning to cover:

  1. What you should and shouldn’t track
  2. Attribution modelling types and the dangers of each
  3. What don’t you get in most popular analytics packages
  4. Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Join the Door4 team as we unpick the measurement challenges that growth brands face in tracking performance, and deriving actionable insights from analytics data.

Our webinar events are illuminating and interactive… not a boring lecture! We will provide a value-packed morning of performance marketing insights and discussion.

If your mission is to grow your business or you’re passionate about performance marketing and looking for a dash of inspiration, then let Door4 Decoding Digital give you that lightning bolt! ⚡

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