1. See, Think, Do Care – online event
See, Think, Do Care – online event
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Create content and campaigns for every stage of buyer intent
  • Leon Calverley
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Type Zoom webinar
  • Day Fri 16 June
  • Time 09:30
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Join us for an engaging webinar, “See, Think, Do Care: Content and Campaigns for Every Stage of Buyer Intent,” presented by digital marketing consultant, Leon Calverley. Leon, founder of Door4, will take you on a journey through the fundamentals of the STDC framework and demonstrate how it can revolutionize your approach to creating compelling content and campaigns.

We’re joined by Andrew Thomas FRSA, Google-approved trainer and digital transformation coach.  Andrew works with global enterprises and SMEs across the UK and Europe, delivering programs for Google Academy and Goldman Sachs 10KSB,

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, understanding buyer intent is crucial for businesses striving to thrive in a competitive market. The STDC methodology offers a comprehensive solution by providing a strategic framework that caters to every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Throughout this webinar, Leon Calverley will delve into each stage of the STDC model, offering practical insights and actionable strategies. Whether you’re focused on lead generation or catering to e-commerce clients, you’ll discover how to tailor your content and campaigns to address the specific needs and intentions of your target audience.

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Great event with some very key takeaways. The team at Door4 aren’t just knowledgable but able to cater for different levels of understanding for their audience. It’s a skill."
Marketing Director
B2B Automotive Brand

What is See, Think, Do, Care?

See Think Do Care


The STDC framework proves to be highly effective for lead-generation and e-commerce clients, empowering them to reach their target audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Let’s explore how STDC works for these specific client types and the types of content and campaigns that can be produced under this methodology.

For lead-generation clients, the “See” stage focuses on building brand awareness and capturing the attention of potential customers. Content and campaigns developed at this stage may include informative blog posts, engaging social media content, eye-catching display ads, and compelling videos. By delivering valuable and relevant content, businesses can generate interest and attract potential leads to their brand.

Moving to the “Think” stage, the emphasis is on nurturing and educating leads who have shown interest in the brand. Content and campaigns here revolve around establishing credibility, providing in-depth information, and addressing pain points. This can include comprehensive guides, case studies, webinars, email nurturing campaigns, and interactive quizzes, all designed to guide leads toward considering the brand as a solution to their needs.

The “Do” stage focuses on converting leads into paying customers. At this stage, content and campaigns are geared towards facilitating the purchasing decision. This can involve limited-time offers, product demonstrations, customer testimonials, personalized email campaigns, and retargeting ads. By providing compelling reasons to make a purchase, businesses can effectively drive conversions and sales.

Finally, the “Care” stage revolves around customer retention and advocacy. Content and campaigns in this stage aim to foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations. Strategies may include personalized email newsletters, loyalty programs, exclusive discounts for existing customers, and social media engagement initiatives. By continuously nurturing and engaging with existing customers, businesses can create a loyal customer base and benefit from their advocacy.

By adopting the See Think Do Care methodology, lead-generation and e-commerce clients can develop a holistic approach to their marketing efforts, ensuring that they are effectively targeting their audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

See Think Do Care is an online event. 
We look forward to announcing our next live events, really soon!

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