1. The Metrics That Matter – Crow Wood Hotel & Spa

October 2022

The Metrics That Matter – Crow Wood Hotel & Spa

Watch the recording of our February 2022 webinar – Winning With Content.

Our expert guest speakers, Conrad Grimshaw, Serena Bury, Bruce Wright and Rob Hallam, each speaker with unique angles on ensuring maximum beneficial outcomes from digital productions.


Decode the digital world at our next LIVE event at Crow Wood Hotel & Spa on Wednesday 19th October 2022

Our interactive session The Metrics That Matter, will be lead by three of our experienced e-commerce industry experts with insights and inspiration to help you transform your brands performance.

Join our experts, Sean Dwyer, Leon Calverley and Tom Morton each with unique angles on ensuring maximum beneficial outcomes from your digital activity.

Our live event is perfect for modern marketers in leadership and strategic roles, looking to expand their digital capability.

The old adage goes

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Unfortunately this statement has never been more true, digital was supposedly the panacea to solve this challenge – yet so many businesses face conflicting intelligence and data…

Whenever we ask clients, prospective clients, partner businesses, what they’d like to learn more about or gain more knowledge about; Analytics, Data and measuring effectiveness is always top of the list.

So we’ve put together a working session to get people thinking, problem solving, and understand how to create clarity and see the true patterns of cause and effect.

We want to show people how micro data is important to make micro decisions, that leads to macro results, but how to not be blinded by ALL the micro data.

We’re holding an event The Metrics That Matter to beat Analysis Paralysis, with the objective of demystifying the cacophony of data that exists right now to really get a strong read on cause and effect.

We’ll be talking through what a ‘Measurement plan’ looks like, to get marketing teams and the rest of the business on the same page. Then, how this cascades through to actions taken and levers we have within marketing channels to actually have an impact.

The event will kick off at 9am and finish at 11am, with refreshments available throughout the session, and some drinks and networking after the presentations have finished.

Guests will be treated to a complimentary breakfast served from 8:30am.

Meet Our Speakers
  • Leon Calverley
    Founder, Door4

    Leon founded Door4 way back in 2000. As a creative technologist, he leads agency strategy with the board, and hosts Door4 regional events.

  • Tom Morton
    Head of Activation

    Tom has worked in digital for over 10 years with a focus on PPC and Search and devising online growth strategies for startups all the way up to international brands, and is currently leading the Acquisitions team at Door4. Committed to data-driven continual client growth at scale.

  • Sean Dwyer. Working on laptop
    Sean Dwyer
    Managing Director, Door4

    Sean joined Door4 in 2017, from a background in big brand media and performance. A data obsessive at heart, he’s responsible for pushing through organisational and procedural clarity. In an agency? You’d better believe it.

Join us at Crow Wood Hotel and Spa on Wednesday 19th October
Crow Wood Hotel & Spa, Holme Road, Burnley, BB12 0RT