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Earn referral fees by joining the

Door4 Partner Program

The Door4 Partner Program rewards our friends and partners, who can introduce us to prospective clients.

We pay a financial incentive (commission) for introductions to businesses that turn into paid work. We get paid, you get paid.

We have many partners currently working with us (and receiving payment) on the scheme, and are always looking for new partners to bring on-board.

What kind of clients do Door4 look for?

Our Reach, Convert, Scale framework is particularly suited to “digitally reliant” e-commerce and lead-generation businesses.

That is, companies that either trade online (selling goods and services, and usually taking online payment) or are looking to create a volume of leads/enquiries.

What is an ideal referral?

We really look for businesses that want to grow, ambitiously.

These will usually invest in most aspects of digital performance marketing.  For Door4, that includes:

  • SEO – organic search, technical SEO and content
  • Paid media – Google Adwords, PPC, paid social, Google Shoppinhg
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation/UX– continually improving transactional and lead-generation website performance

Of course, every business has different needs, but this gives our prospective Partners a good indication.

That makes sense – but what size do referrals need to be?

Most of our clients invest in digital marketing as a core operational expense.

Usually, we’re looking to engage clients who generate annual sales of >£3 million, and spend £4000+ per month with their digital agency.

That’s not to say we don’t consider smaller challenger brands, but to ensure we’re on the same page, we don’t typically work with start-ups and micro-businesses.

Any specific sectors?

We work well with clients in:

  • home & garden (furniture, garden equipment, etc)
  • aftermarket automotive (paint and vehicle resale)
  • family sector (fostering)
  • medtech (healthcare equipment)

We are happy to consider most mainstream sectors*, as long as the client has marketing ambition.

*  we tend to avoid gambling/tobacco/vaping.


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Do I get paid in cash?

We regularly update our Partners with commissions due, and we request an invoice for that amount which is paid promptly into a bank account of your choice.

Payments are made quarterly in arrears.

If you prefer your commission payments to be paid to a charity of your choice, we are happy to arrange that.

Go on, what’s the catch?

No catch. Honest.

Door4 Partners is a scheme to reward you for referring opportunities to us.

Nothing more complex than that.  You don’t need to sign exclusivity arrangements, and we don’t nag/bother you.

What are the rewards?

We pay you £50 for an introduction to a relevant prospect company. (Payable when we get a meaningful face-to-face or telephone meeting.)
We then pay 5% of our service fees if they become a client as a commission to you, for a period of 12 months.
There is no upper limit on that commission payment.
The Door4 Partner Program is particularly suitable for creative, IT and PR agencies who offer complementary services.

What do I have to do?

You just need to introduce us to a decision-maker within the client business (in writing – email is fine).
There are no further obligations, and you are not required to participate in any sales process.
We request an invoice from you, quarterly, when referral payments to you are due.
You send the invoice, and you get paid within 30 days.

How long does the scheme last?

For each client you refer, commissions are paid for 12 months, from the date of the first invoice.

Do I have any obligations?

There is no catch. You are not obliged to refer any clients to us, and there is no exclusivity clause. You can refer work to other agencies as well.

Is this open to 'competitors'?

Door4 Partners is particularly popular with other digital agencies, some larger, some smaller.
If you have opportunities that you can’t work on, that fit us, Door4 Partners is a chance to capture revenue by way of commission.
Several ‘competitors’ are members of Door4 Partners and receive commissions from us.
We don’t see competition, only collaboration.

We'd love to have you onboard!

If you would like to earn referral commission, and you believe that you can pass prospective customers to us – we’d love to hear from you.
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    Ensure that your clients are referred to partners that you trust - eliminate the risk of introducing digital agencies that steal YOUR work