Robust back office supports 60% business growth

  • +60% growth in year following launch

Global lighting company Chelsom achieved record-breaking business growth when it turned its outdated website into an inspiring, efficient tool for customers. Freely sharing images and product specifications, and utilising the organisational power of an e-commerce platform, has driven new custom and loyalty.

The website has achieved so much more than we imagined it could. Its functionality adds real value to our customers’ experiences of our brand and products. Door4’s involvement in its continual development has had a positive impact on our business as a whole.
Will Chelsom
Managing Director
  • Client objectives

    Client objectives

    In 1947, the Chelsoms opened a small antique lighting shop in Blackpool. Decades later, this family business has become a global commercial lighting competitor, with exports accounting for almost half the company’s turnover. As a supplier, Chelsom touches the value chain at different stages: its customers are architects, designers, contractors and the end customer. Their new contemporary website needed to inspire and inform, and be robust enough to cope with the demands placed upon it.

    A key objective was to position Chelsom as an on-trend leader in its sector. They trusted our recommendations on the structure of the new website, using e-commerce technology, and why this was important to its future. We took on board how crucial it was to make it visually compelling, considering how visual impact is the lifeblood and currency of Chelsom’s customers.

  • Our solution

    Our solution

    We created an intuitive user experience that allowed designers and architects to use the site as a tool to put concepts together. For the wow factor, we created striking visual concepts with a timeless and elegant style. This involved designing and building a system to share valuable content and visual assets that had previously only been accessible after logging in

    From this first phase in 2012, we’ve continued to update the site to improve product visibility and creating more chances for customers to be inspired. Customer needs and expectations are guiding the developments, so this is incorporating a deeper level of technical product data, introducing user-friendly product filtering and making full use of stunning visual assets. This powerful functionality allows customers to browse and search for all elements of product information, from imagery to installation instructions and technical specification documents, with no compromise on the website’s visual simplicity and elegance.

  • Client outcomes & beyond

    Client outcomes & beyond

    Despite not selling products directly, the site has all the conventions and advanced capabilities you’d expect from an e-commerce site. The success of this approach is reflected in results. Our strategy of making valuable content assets freely available quickly helped to nurture relationships through the site and build Chelsom’s reputation.

    The company reported 60% growth just 12 months after the website launch. Customers said the new site design was a big factor in their decision-making.

    Building on the success of the Chelsom Lighting website, we were also commissioned to produce a new site in 2017 for the company’s sister brand, Chelsom Furniture, to showcase its quality occasional and dining furniture collections. As a brand with a powerful online presence, Chelsom is setting the bar for its industry.

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