Paid Social

The strongest campaigns utilise a consistent storytelling strategy and data signals to build a message over time with the targeted audience.

Paid Social

Let’s be frank. Facebook is the most actively used social platform across the world. From a direct response performance perspective, we’ve consistently seen it outperform other social channels. It’s the starting point for our social ad strategies.

We do other channels too, but know how Facebook advertising works and we know it works well. Audiences are crucial to the success of social media advertising. We build with you, so your campaigns are founded in our knowledge of what will give an effective response plus your knowledge of your customer.

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From fast intel to long-term strategy

The strongest campaigns are where we utilise a consistent storytelling strategy, using data signals to build a message over time with the targeted audience.

To break that down, you know your likely customers, we target them with ads to tell them a story about why they should engage with your brand, from your most recent promotions to your brand awareness. We stay on top of the creative aspects of your campaigns. Data signals help to give us a digital footprint to optimise continuously.

We have a keen understanding of what works, what doesn’t, what gives fast intel and quick wins, and what’s good for the long-term.

As a team, we pride ourselves on high levels of service – good communication and complete transparency. Read our service agreement for more about this.


A client story

For EGO Power+, we employed Facebook’s advanced targeting features to help us create brand awareness and foster direct conversions amongst a well-defined set of target audiences.

A range of Facebook ad formats in several languages have collectively had a huge impact in terms of both increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

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