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Performance Round-Up – February 2024

We’ve had a lot of great news to share with our clients in their monthly meetings over the last few weeks, so grab a brew and enjoy our latest highlights reel.

(As always, we redact our client names but please feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for more information)

The proof is in the data-pudding.

Our family sector client saw brilliant performance wins across the board throughout February. Starting with Paid Search and Paid Social, where we saw cost per enquiry down 22% and 71% respectively when compared to the previous year.

On SEO, overall rankings have seen an average position increase of 17% year on year for February. Our team are consistent with long-term planning, (from fresh content to page optimisations) to ensure we remain top of the SERPs in an extremely competitive space.

Finally, our conversion rate optimisation programme has seen consistently positive results. We’ve been batch testing on the main pre-qualification tool for this client and have seen conversion rate increases of 69%, 25% and 8% test by test!
The improvements showcased the importance of messaging and content presentation in user engagement by providing clear and concise information aligned with user intent.
Audience needs and expectations change all the time and there’s always pressure to meet these. However, it’s easy to be swayed by subjective opinion – leading to wasted budgets and frustration. Adopting a data-based approach with Door4 will prove beyond doubt what you should be spending your money and effort on.

Testing messaging leads to more conversions!

Our next client, a nationwide training provider saw cost per sale down 26% month on month (versus January) while ROAS is up 33% for the same comparison. Our paid media team has been working hard to achieve this new record level of efficiency since campaign restructuring took place. A focus on creative messaging saw one particular ad achieve +44.0% increase in Conversions Per Impression, indicating that people who viewed the updated ads were much more likely to convert. A great start to the year for this client!

Small projects with big impact.

Our design and development teams have been extremely busy on projects big and small but we wanted to highlight two particular success stories. The first being a checkout migration for one of our home and garden clients. This was a top priority and the client was thrilled with the results, as you can imagine a seamless checkout process is significant for maintaining those all-important sales figures!
The second is a a number of new campaign pages that we designed and built in line with the latest product launch for one of our garden clients. These pages are part of a larger media campaign and the client was thrilled with the final result.

51% increase in conversion rate

Paid Search conversation rate is up 51% year on year versus last February for our legal sector client. Door4 took over this account and rebuilt last October, and, despite Paid Search users also doubling in this time we still achieved a large conversion rate increase (we’d often expect the conversion rate to drop with the significant extra volume being pushed through the account, but this has not been the case, so a great win for the PPC team here!). The team has worked to bring a well-thought-out structure for this large and varied account, and the results continue to improve. Our SEO programme is due to begin soon, so watch this space for the next piece of the puzzle.

And that’s a wrap! February was a busy month for our team with lots going on that we’ll share in future posts. A huge congratulations to everyone involved!

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