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Leon Calverley founder of Door4

Crafting a Unique Niche: The Door4 Approach to Digital Agency Services

In the broad and rapidly evolving field of marketing, understanding the importance of niche specialism can mean the difference between boom or bust for an agency. In an enlightening interview, Leon Calverley, founder of Door4, sheds light on this and shares his unique perspectives.

“Essentially, it boils down to what we will and won’t do,” says Leon. Many digital agencies will accept any project they’re offered. While this business model allows for flexibility, it can lead to inefficiencies and dilute an agency’s expertise. In stark contrast to this, large firms such as Deloitte, PwC, and Ernst & Young have evolved from accountants into consultants for technology transformation businesses.

“When you’re at their level and you’re charging £1500 a day, but you’ve got 1000 people to do the work, clients will pay you lots of money for learning to do something on their behalf. That becomes part of your service, you can really do anything and get paid well to do anything.” 

Door4 chose a different path. Recognising the limitations of a smaller team and the need to truly master their trade, Door4 decided on a specific product paid traffic and organic traffic conversion. They also maintained web development capabilities, an essential skill for digital agencies today, as it allows efficiency in client service provision.

Most agencies these days have to be able to provide some degree of web development. It’s difficult to be efficient for a client if you don’t have developers that can do the work.

Defining Specialisms: Service and Sector

Niche specialisms can be categorised in two ways: service and sector. Now, Door4 expertise lies in the Home & Garden, Automotive and Family sectors. It’s not always about understanding the specifics of every single product or service in those sectors, it’s about understanding the most important factor: the customers’ purchase cycles and the marketing activities needed to engage them effectively. We’ve done a lot of work with the audiences that are most prominent in those areas. We understand their target market.”

Leon also highlights Door4’s focus on digital-first businesses, referring to businesses where digital acquisition is central to their growth. “If you turn off their website at 9am, those businesses will notice immediately. Take an e-commerce business for instance, they’ll know straight away when orders cease,” Leon explains.

Targeting these responsive clients enables Door4 to meet their needs for frequent communication and in-depth strategic reviews effectively. Their specialism defines not only what they do but also shapes their service model and target client base.

That really governs how we shape our service and what our target client looks like. They want to speak to us most days with the weekly cadence, in-depth monthly meetings and the constant reviews of strategy. That really suits the way we do business for clients that take it very seriously, because it’s the most important thing to them.

The Power of Specialising

Leon’s insights underline the power of specialising in a competitive marketplace. In focusing on its strengths, Door4 has carved a niche for itself, offering optimised services for specific sectors and digital-first businesses.

The takeaway? Clarity on your specialism can guide your service offerings, enhance client relationships, and ultimately, ensure your businesses success.


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