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Tips for building a backlink strategy

Backlinks should be a big part of your SEO strategy – forming a significant slice of the off page efforts we call Outreach here at Door4.

But neither magic nor money will make those high quality referring domains link back to your site – you need a plan.

There are several things to consider when getting started setting out a backlink strategy.

Not least being – why do you need one?

What is backlink building and why is it important?

You know what a link is – you click it, you go somewhere else online – often to another page on the same site.

These are known as internal links – and how well you structure and signpost these is important for your on page or Content SEO.

But when a link to one of your pages comes from a different domain, this referral is known as a backlink.

And the number, type and overall quality of these has a direct impact on how Google views your site.

Backlinks illustration

Which, as a result, means that backlinks also affect how searchers see your website.
So you’d better get started on a backlink strategy with these three tips (there are many more available).

1. Fix broken backlinks

This is a good place to start because it’s entirely in your control, you don’t need to do any persuasive work to gain a link.

You may have previously been linked to by another domain, to a page of yours that has since either been removed or has a new URL.

So not only are you missing out on sweet referral traffic, you’re also telling Google that you don’t keep your site trim and tidy.

Fix both of these problems by using the right software (your SEO partner will help) to identify any broken links.

Then either redirect to the most relevant current page you have, or create some shiny new up-to-date content to point to.

2. Update your content

If you’ve gained links for a particularly well performing piece of content previously, see if it can be refreshed to gain updated ones.

For example – anyone who linked to your piece on the five hottest summer shoe styles for 2019 will likely be interested in your 2022 take.

Update your winning formula to make it relevant to today’s searchers, then contact your prior linkers to see if they would again.

3. Target journalists and influencers

Consider what you (or someone in your business) is an authority on and how this can be put into a newsworthy context.

For example, if you’re an office interiors expert, you may understand how the work environment can affect mental health.

So target industry voices that are creating content about returning to work after lockdown and offer your informed input.

Keep your pitch succinct, specific and personalised so the journo or editor knows you want to engage with their audience.

And think about the type of content they might want – article copy can be great but some of the most engaged with stuff could be:

  • Infographics
  • How to guides
  • List posts

– or whatever they need, just be flexible without compromising your brand or voice and you’ll be more likely to gain that precious link.

4. Supercharge your backlinking strategy

These relatively simple tips are just a toe dip into what’s required to create a comprehensive backlink strategy.

But if you’re interested in how your organic search performance can be hugely enhanced by SEO link building, why not find out more?

Get in touch today, or if you know someone who might be interested, share this content and spread the love.

Photo by m0851 on Unsplash

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