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Ask The Expert – How to Measure the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Tom Morton

How do I measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns?


It’s always quite hard to measure influencer marketing accurately, however, there are a few simple things that you can do. 

So, you could take a baseline average of your direct traffic and then look for spikes during the activity. In organic, you want to be looking particularly at your brand search and looking at the spikes in that, if they’re using a social channel such as Tiktok you want to be looking for the URL from that. You can also use UTMs, or if they’re using something like a ‘link in bio’ you can look at the source of that as well. 

If it’s an e-commerce site you could be looking at the landing page that they’ve been directed to or a unique promo code that they’ve been given, and if your brand is big enough you could use a metric such as share a voice or even Google Trends by looking at brand search to see up ticks in that.

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